Friday, September 11, 2009

She's on the trailer!

I know, it's been forever since I posted. It took weeks for me to find a ride for Dixie. Totally nervewracking. Last week I thought I had something lined up, but I really didn't want to jump the gun and start cheering. Tonight at 11:30 eastern, she got on a trailer. She'll be here some time Tuesday!

Tuesday is also the day we're moving into our real apartment. We've been chilling out in a furnished temporary place til now. Tuesday morning we're going to load our clothes and personal stuff back in our suitcases, head over to the new apartment, make sure the electricity's on, and wait for the moving van and the cable tv people. Once the strangers are out of the new place and it's just a sea of boxes, I'll come back over here and load the cats back in Cat Hell and grab the dog and bring them to the new place.

Aaand some time in the middle of that I need to take off, go borrow the BO's trailer, and meet Dixie. Dixie is coming FIRST CLASS, yall, in a 8'x8' box stall in a custom semi. The semi can't turn around at the BO's ranch, and the BO is going to be at work, so I'll need to hook up the trailer and meet the shipper in a big parking lot down the street.

It's gonna be an exciting day for sure. More later!


  1. YAY! Take your camera with you when you collect Dixie, right? Can't wait to see photos of the barn and stuff. What a good adventure for you!

  2. Glad she's on the way, and I'll bet you can't wait to see her!

  3. Did Dixie get here okay yesterday? Are you guys getting all settled in?

  4. Wow, I hope everything went well! I was wondering when she'd be joining you, and what she'll think of her new surroundings. :)

    What is the boarding like?

  5. The boarding, I forgot to talk about that - She'll be in quarantine in a smallish pen for 3 weeks, then spend another week or two getting gradually introduced to the main "pasture." There's a stud who has his own pen, then a mare and two geldings who have a very large pasture - maybe 20 acres? It's mostly sand with some rocks, with sagebrush and scrubby junipers (I think). Capped T-posts, horse-safe mesh wire with a hotwire on top. A big run-in shelter for them to get out of the sun if they want.

    Everybody gets hay twice a day - mixed grass in the morning and alfalfa at night, plus some LMF ration balancer stuff. The horses look AMAZING. Two are paints, and they are whiter than you can possibly imagine. Everybody's in great flesh. All are barefoot, and their hooves look fantastic. Once a week they get psyllium sand-clear stuff.


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