Friday, August 21, 2009

Western states

So Kansas was a nightmare. The cats howled all night in Wichita, then they howled all day through Kansas. We dosed them pretty heavily with Benadryl and they STILL wouldn't shut up and they're VERY lucky they didn't get ditched on the side of the road in Kansas. But eventually we made it into Colorado and into the Rockies.

Highlights of the Kansas pictures include: many roadside attractions, canola, sunflowers, fake palm trees, and a gate to close the interstate when blizzards come through.

Colorado was lovely. Denver is a gorgeous city (but way too overbuilt for me to live there). I got pictures of a 50s roadside diner with free wifi, gorgeous clouds, a stunning sunset, and a happy Cersei in a dog park.

Wyoming is a stunningly beautiful state. We stopped at the top of a range of mountains that had a monument to Lincoln and a monument to the fellow who pushed to build a transcontinental highway through there. I got some nice macro photos of lichen and tiny alpine flowers and hard-luck scraggly trees. Then we roared on through the Rockies, where I finally got pics of those enormous wind turbines and a tunnel through a mountain and more clouds.


  1. I want to live in Wyoming someday. Although i am pretty sure the first winter there would probably kill me.

  2. I absolutely LOVE wyoming. Of course, I've never been there in the winter...I wouldn't mind being stationed out there for a while.

  3. Okay I third the 'I loved Wyoming' thing, when we drove through it from CA to MI. Something about it was so empty and beautiful, I'm not sure what it was. Having been through the Rockies in blizzards, and having survived the lake effect snow in OH and the seriously intense weather we'd get there and in MI (and now New England)... I think I could survive it.

    By the way, the part about the cats cracked me up XD

  4. Thanks for the pictures of Wyoming they made me kidn of homesick for it. I lived in Rock Springs when I was first married which is right along I-80 near those tunnels that you had pictures of. It is a great state and I would live there again but winter can be pretty brutal.


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