Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Soft, soft, soft

Reno is go, but we don't know exactly when. The suspense is really wearing on me.

I've been quiet, but I'm definitely reading yall's blogs. People talking about softness, like Daun, Sara, and Kate, have really inspired me. I decided to work on being super-soft today.

I got some nice soft circles, kind of wobbly but no fighting about them. She gave me some really spectacular halts, and some really crappy halts. We got some speed from very gentle leg pressure. And I got a lot of really nice back ups!

I cue "back up" by jiggling the reins, left-right-left-right. I could just barely close my fingers and get her to react! She doesn't instantly leap backwards like a reining horse, but I'm not sure that's what I want. I like the little rock-back, pause, start stepping backward thing she does. I think I can turn the rock-back into a turn on the haunches soon.

I love that big spotted mare. I think we'll have a great time exploring Nevada!


  1. Good job! And the soft is really nice--you're asking, not telling.

    And you're on the right track for the haunch turn--somewhere I learned to step them back two or three steps, first, then ask for the turn. It puts them on their hindquarters, and if you time it just right, the fore leg that needs to step over does!

    Good luck.

  2. Thanks! Glad all's going well - I start doing turn on the haunches by doing a slight rock-back (not really a full step), which frees the front end to move.

  3. You'll love Reno. I've been here for the past 11 years now. One good club to check out once you get all settled is the Northern Nevada Gaited Horse Club. Just a really nice group of people.

    Let me know if you need/want any help in regards to which areas are more horse friendly, etc. Will you be keeping your horse at home or boarding?

    ~ Crysta

  4. Totally excited about Reno!!! :D

  5. Thanks, yall! :) Kate, you're the one who inspired me to work on a really slow soft back up, so I can get a turn on the haunches one day. ;)

    Crysta - thanks for the links! We're hoping to buy a house in a couple of years, but for now we're going to rent and board. I found a place on the edge of Sparks with sheltered pasture board and ride-on trails. I thought about a place halfway up Mt. Rose, but all the pretty scenery doesn't do me any good if I can't get up there due to snow.

    I think I'm going to check on auditing that Liz Graves clinic. Our finances will be in disarray for a bit, but I'm pretty sure I can swing an audit fee!

  6. WOW...things are going strong over here... nice work on the softness. I too have been inspired by all the talk . I have tried some things and have has some nice results too...just have not been able to post much ...computor is freezin up o me..need the Dr geek for it soon!

    You are moving again too!
    Let me know who you use for transport and your thoughts....I have a friend that is going to move her horse in the fall(hopefully) back to NJ from Oregon. Any recommendations?


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