Saturday, August 15, 2009

Catch up, part one

If I posted everything that's happened between the last time I posted and right now, it'd be a novel. So I'll break it up into blog-sized posts...

Dixie is going to be picked up by Triple H this weekend, hopefully. did not work out. Email me if you want details on it. I am so nervous, for some reason - I want my horse in Reno like right now. I miss her already, so badly. :(

I'm in Denver right now. But we're playing catch up, so...

Wednesday morning, back in Columbus, we woke up bright and early. Some fellows showed up and made custom boxes for the TV and the largest framed painting we own. Then some guy showed up and painstakingly cataloged all the dents in my truck and loaded it on a flatbed and took it away. (I'm not the kind of person who would complain about a few extra dents on my truck, but he's got to fill out the paperwork.) Then at 1 pm the movers showed up and packed almost every single thing we own in a bazillion boxes and loaded it on a truck. They finished up at 5:30 pm, and then we packed the truck with a couple boxes of clothes, my gun, the laptops, a box with two angry cats, and a very excited dog. We didn't get out of Columbus until 6:15. I fell asleep right before Cinci and woke up and took the wheel in Bowling Green. I got us in to our hotel in Olive Branch at 4:15. Yes, it was as horrible as you'd imagine.

I did see 8 shooting stars and two coyotes, though. That was pretty cool.

Thursday we deliriously leapt right back out of bed at 8 am. We headed into Memphis for my husband to get his drivers' license renewed. Memphis is completely overrun with the remake "Colt 45 Works Every Time" ads. Such a ridiculous town. We also saw the crazy black muslim dude holding bags of fruit and End Times newspapers at the corner of Lamar and Airways, and we saw a crackhead advertising hand car washes a little ways down Lamar. Memphis is the land of the surreal.

We ate a fantastic lunch at Central BBQ with my MIL, saw my BFF Stephen, ate dinner with my parents, and hung out briefly with my old barn in Olive Branch. Oh, and we saw a momma deer and a fawn out near the barn - the fawn still had all its spots and was goofy and wobbly looking. At that point, I felt just like it looked.

In fact, at THIS point I feel as goofy and wobbly as a baby fawn. I'll pick up with our Five-State Friday tomorrow.

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