Friday, September 18, 2009

She's got heart!

Had a really nice ride today!

I went out with S today for about 3 hours. Down the street, down a hill, and along a canyon. No pictures, sorry - I can't take pics and steer at the same time!

She was fantastic. There were many scary things, especially boulders. Also some horse-eating quail, and a truly terrifying patch of wet sand. I got off and walked her down the steepest hill, because she wasn't sure she could walk down it with me on her back, and I walked her over the super-scary wet sand. She was SO brave for the rest of it. Every boulder we came to, she'd freeze and stare at it, ears up. When she'd relax a little bit, I'd ask her to walk on and she'd calmly walk past it. (Well - mostly calmly.)

Of course she walked the poor stallion in to the ground. We led by 15 to 50 feet, and when we'd get too far ahead we'd stop and wait til he caught up a bit. (Remember, she's in quarantine, so we don't want them too close - plus letting a stud put his nose up her butt wouldn't be a good idea.) He is completely in love, so he walked as fast as he possibly could. She appears to be only vaguely aware that he exists, lol.

She never slowed down. Never acted tired or draggy. Just went, nonstop, for 3 hours in the mountains. She's a fantastic horse. I'm so glad I took so much time with her. She still needs a lot of patience in a lot of areas, but we're getting there.

Sara asked a couple questions about the new place -

I'm not sure how often the trimmer comes. I've got an appointment with him Tuesday, actually. Her feet aren't really long, but I'd like to get them shaped up a bit. I am quite sure the man earns his money ($35/trim) working on these rock-hard feet out here!

The ranch is on a well; all of the houses out there are. It's kinda in the sticks, which makes for better riding. There's no auto waterers, just big troughs. Dixie has a 55 gallon Rubbermade trash can, actually!

I'm sure if I wanted to wash her every time we rode it'd be considered wasteful. Luckily for me, I don't want to wash her every time ;) We can tie them near the driveway and rinse them with a hose if they're overheated or really nasty dirty. Mainly the horses stay clean because they have such awesome coats. I mean, really, the other two paints look like they were freshly washed in Quiksilver, but they just have GREAT coats. S credits the supplement she feeds, LMF. I can't wait to see how it works on Dixie!

Kaci - if you get to ride with a well-behaved stallion, don't hesitate! It's a world of difference from a rank stud to a good stallion that's listening to his rider. I am not worried at all for me or Dixie, and I don't think Dixie gives that poor fellow the time of day.


  1. That's marvelous - what a great ride you had - and your horse is awesome!

  2. What sweet horse! Sounds like you had a great ride! Following for updates.....!

  3. Whooohooo! Go Dixie! Funder she has grown up so much this past year. I hope you are wicked wicked proud of the progress you two have made! ;)

    Enjoy riding in the hills there!

  4. You've definitely landed on your feet, Funder. Hooray for good riding and good riding partners!

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  5. Yay! She's adapting so quickly! Glad to see what a team you've become. :)


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