Friday, January 15, 2010

No news is good news

Wednesday Dixie and I had a very nice ride with CM who rides Mama. I don't think I've gone out with just Dixie and Mama before, and I figured they'd be ok but I was a wee bit worried - Mama is very much the omega horse, and Dixie is the Queen Bitch. They were great together. CM and Mama do ok alone, but Mama won't lead in a group (until she turns the Magic Corner to head home!) So Dixie and I led out.

We did the Mines, kind of. When there's snow on the rocks in the canyon, we cut up the side of the hill and ride above the mine canyon. 4.0 miles, 1:18, 3.1 mph. The really nice thing about Mama is that she walks fast! She can't walk at 4.5 mph like Dixie can when she's really working it, but Mama moves out really well for a QH. We talked about trotting and cantering the nice bits when the weather warms up - the trails were really soggy that day. A very nice ride.

Today I pushed Dixie for a faster average - we did 6.03 miles in 1:38, a 3.7 mph average. That includes about two miles of slow warmup and cooldown, and that's definitely a solid pace for us. She was tired but not exhausted on the way home. I saw a coyote - neither Dixie nor Cersei noticed it though. And Dixie sidepassed about 10' to the left and back when she noticed some evil wicked new gravel on the road - she cracks me up.

There are bad storms coming in to CA this weekend, and the weather service still isn't sure how much snow we'll get next week. I'll definitely ride tomorrow, with S, and maybe Sunday with her as well. Then hopefully I can get in one more faster ride Monday before the snow starts. Double hopeful it won't be much snow and I won't get sidelined for a week again!

I joined AERC a couple days ago!! Once I get my # I'll send in my entry for the Rides of March LD. Will the weather cooperate enough to get Dixie ready for a 30 in two months?! We shall see!

The snow's been melting fast this week, and there's a couple of puddles beside the road. And my horse drinks out of those puddles on the way home! Part of me is like "Ewww gross horse, don't drink out of that nasty puddle" and part of me is like "Yes! Drink when you're thirsty! Any time you want!" I've been letting her drink.

I do feel better about her not drinking at the NEDA New Years' ride now. If she'll stop at a puddle to drink, then she'll drink anything. She just wasn't thirsty on that cold day.


  1. You reminds me that I need to send in my AERC renewal -- eeeeek!

    Sounds like you are growing yourself an awesome endurance horse. Go girl!

  2. At least Dixie will approach the puddles...Maddie is forever in fear of drowning in one! Sorta like your hoof-eating gravel. ;-D

    Sounds like you've had some good rides, in spite of winter. I'm a fair weather rider (medical reasons, but I'm also a wimp), but it's supposed to be up in the 40's this weekend, so my friend Pat and I are going to try to haul to an indoor. Not sure who I'll take yet, Kate, Maddie, or maybe both...maybe even take Jackson for his first "away" trip!

  3. Very cool on the AERC membership! I'm looking forward to the posts about the 30 and training for it.

    LOL @ Dixie. Klein tries to drink from anywhere too. When I took her to work she was trying to drink the water off the "Fitness and Sports" sign!!


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