Sunday, January 17, 2010

White/Grey Death '10

The storms from California are starting to roll into Nevada. Stead, where I live, is catching it worse than Spanish Springs, where Dixie lives, so I think I'll be able to ride regardless. And of course Truckee, up where Zach lives, is probably getting buried under snow right now, so I'm not complaining at all!

Yesterday I rode with S. We did the canyon - about 6 miles in 2 hours. (I don't feel like plugging in the GPS for the exact numbers!) Dixie behaved, the humans had a nice chat, and I didn't see anything new or noteworthy. Kind of boring, but very good stuff.

Then I made a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies and went to the NNGHC meeting. It was a potluck, shared with the local CW re-enactor club - I can't remember their name, but they were pretty cool! I met some really nice people, and talked to a few kind of weird people, and ate very well indeed. Then I drank a lot of coffee, because it was 9 pm and I was 30 miles from home. When I got home I couldn't fall asleep. I think I laid in bed, half-awake, til 3 am.

Oddly enough I did not feel like riding today, and it's a good day to give her a break. I rode Friday and Saturday, and as long as there's not a ton of rain forecasted I'll ride tomorrow and Tuesday and maybe Wednesday too.


  1. Question - you've gone from Memphis to Reno. Are there glaring differences in the attitude towards gaited horses? I assume there must be.

  2. I don't think I can really answer that yet. I haven't seen very many people interacting with their gaited horses yet. I think just one - a lady who did the LD at Comstock this summer.

    I suspect it's a generally better standard though. Prices (via Craigslist) are higher, and I think there's just one real show a year. Maybe a few more fun shows, but I think most people just trail ride their gaited horses.

    I'll keep you updated when I have a better answer. :)

  3. We finally had a 40 degree day yesterday and I didn't get to ride. We have started a remodel project that has us buried in the house. There will be time... I keep telling myself...


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