Tuesday, January 12, 2010


On the way to the gym. Saw a guy waiting at a bus stop wearing a chain
necklace. About as thick as safety chains on a trailer. Ends were held
together with a padlock. WTF?!

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  1. Ha! Wonder if his wife or girlfriend puts it on him in the morning so he doesn't attract anyone.

  2. Was it Flavor-Flave without the clock?!?

  3. Maybe so if he goes off his meds he won't crash?

  4. You think that a chain is odd? Last Sunday was "travel by subway without your pants" day and there were some bizarre sights. I didn't know that people over here were so hardy in this snowy weather.

    Well, OK, a chain is strange nevertheless.

  5. I recall a guy that had one of those on back about 25 years ago...it was a symbol of ownership, put on by his boyfriend, who was the only person that had a key to the padlock. Could be the same thing.


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