Saturday, June 19, 2010

Doctor WTF?!

I realize only like 3 of my readers watch Dr. Who, but oh my god what the fuck just happened in today's episode??

Also: to make this somewhat horse related, today I purchased a goat halter for Billy.


  1. Which one was it? The second part of Cold Blood? I'll let you know after I finish watching it. My 14 year old daughter LOVES that show but she turns on the captioning so she can understand it!

  2. You must get BBC America - we get them off the internet, so we just watched part one of the season finale. Cold Blood was pretty sad, but the next episode after it is awesome!

    It took me a year or two to understand the accents - I wish I had captioning!

  3. I DIDN'T SEE IT!!?? Since when do horse blogs require "Dr. Who Spoiler Alert!" captions?


    I think everyone secretly watches Dr. Who. Once you admit that you watch it, everyone around you starts going "Oh my god, what do you think of the new Doctor?!?!"

  4. I watch the show as season DVDs so um only up through season I'm trying to decide whether I news to read the spoilers to see what you're talking about.

  5. I'm watching it on BBC America.


  6. Hey, no spoilers here! I only discuss spoiler-y stuff in the vaguest possible terms, like "awesome" or "omg what just happened." Mel, if I were you I wouldn't read spoilers - I like watching the show and trying to figure out where it's going. Just check back in here when you BBCA people get caught up and we will all yell "wtf" together.

  7. What about a goat harness for Billy?

  8. I NEED to get back to the Dr!I lost interest when they changed so many times a few years back...but i do like him now again!

  9. Yeah, we get BBC America. My kid is an Anglophile - loves anything and everything England. She found the internet shows but won't watch them. She says several bulletin boards have the same reaction as you. I'll let you know what we think about the next show.

    PS - Did yor read about my least favorite day?


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