Monday, June 28, 2010


So I stayed up late Friday, but the cats woke me up early Saturday morning. Then I went off and rode all night Saturday night and got a bit of sleep sitting in a folding chair watching my horse pig out. I staggered through Sunday somehow til 6 pm, when I crashed out. Today I meant to come home and write up the ride story properly, but my other love (Dr. Who) called to me and I had to watch the season finale. No spoilers for the American viewers! Anyway, the Doctor took up all of my awake time, I'm afraid. I need another good night's sleep. Here's some pictures, though!

Fat clean horse!

Ready to ride:

Vet check, 12:30 am
Vet check

Two days after the ride


  1. She looks so pretty right before you started out - so fit and sleek!

  2. Ooh. When I saw the first photo, I w afraid you had had to make the trip in the Lemon trailer! Uh, no. I see a nice Renegade later.
    The vet check photo probably gives an accurate view through your eyeballs! ;-D
    What saddle is that that you ride in? I'm shopping... No need for an immediate answer. Go ahead and get some more sleep.

  3. You and Dixie are two tough cookies! Way to go.

  4. Kate - thanks! She's such a pretty pony when she's clean :)

    Evensong - when I took the vet check picture, I looked at it and thought "Yeah that's a good picture." That's how woozy I was! The saddle is a National Bridle Tennessean - it's a gaited horse saddle, but it works for trotters too. Good withers and a bit of extra width in the shoulders for freedom of movement.

    Thanks, Terry!


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