Saturday, June 5, 2010

June conformation

I managed to take proper conformation shots for once! Look, her feet are square. Well. Pretty close to square. As square as they ever are. ;)

I love the look on her face - it's both quizzical and sleepy.

Billy did not approve of me taking Dixie.

Dixie did not seem to care.

Here's a picture of her back. It looks even to me? Her right rear foot is slightly forward of her left rear, and I think that's why her hips are uneven.

I did wash her gross tail after I took the pictures, but I forgot to take more pictures post-wash. Trust me, it was much whiter and fluffier.

* I'm going to Vegas with my BFFs for the weekend, so I've scheduled a couple of posts for while I'm gone. Have a lovely weekend, yall!*


  1. She looks good, and fit, and oh so pretty!

  2. She's such a pretty girl! And oh so clean! I love the white eye lashes on her right eye!

  3. I agree with Kate and Lilly's mom; Dixie is pretty, fit, and so clean.


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