Saturday, July 9, 2011

Camping gear roundup

I was pretty sure my feet were going to blister. It was close - they were super hot and sweaty - but they didn't. Go go wool socks! I've had the same hiking boots for two years and they're getting pretty beaten up/broken down, so I give all the credit to the socks. I just bought some new knockoff smartwool-type socks at Sierra Trading Post.

My new women's Camelbak backpack worked just fine and fit much better than my old men's camelbak. It came with a reservoir with a baffle! You know how good water tanks and waterbeds have baffles to keep the sloshing to a minimum? The reservoir in the new Camelbak had a baffle. I guess it worked, but honestly sloshing never bothered me that much.

I bought Cersei a self-inflating roll-up travel dog bed at Costco, and she seemed to think it was acceptable. My summerweight sleeping bag was perfect, and I actually brought my own pillow from home - I slept amazingly well.

I last-minute splurged on a nonstick camping skillet. I'm glad I did - those eggs would've stuck like MAD on my existing steel camping skillet - but I have to get used to how thin camping stuff is and how hot propane travel stoves are. I am considering bringing my flame tamer next time! Any camping cooking tips?

I also bought a big cooler at Costco earlier this year. I dithered a lot about it - I had a perfectly useable small cooler - but it was only $30 and seemed like it would make my life a lot easier. I'm glad I did - a 7 lb block of ice kept a six pack of beer and a ton of random food cool for three full days with no problem. And I could bring the small cooler with Cersei's chicken in it without worrying about nasty chicken salmonella on my good people food.


  1. I've only camped once... and loved every aspect of it, EXCEPT the damp mornings from the dew.

  2. Ok I'm still stuck on the roll up camping dog bed? WTH, don't dogs sleep on the ground? :)
    Just kiddin' I would do the same for my trail poodle!

  3. You brought back a lot of happy camping/hiking memories.
    The blue flower is one of the penstemons, possibly Foothill Penstemon. A lot of the penstemons make nice landscaping plants - they seed easily.

  4. I don't like to cook at home... well, not true. I don't mind cooking but hate cleaning up the mess. I keep telling my family I would cook more if they would contribute more to the clean-up... I digress...

    When I camp, I do a lot of pre-cooking so we eat good but don't spend a lot of time cooking it. I do have a propane 2 burner stove and a compact gas grill, but what I use the most is a single burner that you attach to the top of a small propane bottle. I make my coffee on it and warm up about anything. When not screwed onto the propane bottle, it is only about 1" - 2" think and stores nicely in the cupboard.

    I do like you truck tent.

  5. When I cook over my camp stove I do a lot of removing the the skillet and shaking and stirring the food off of the stove. Seems to work good.

    Btw finder you should let every know ( and do a review on) the camp stove you have. I really really like it. I think most people I know have Coleman stoves so it was I treating to see a brunton

  6. Please tell me that 6-pack of beer did not last all weekend?

    LOL. ;-)

  7. CG, you may own heathen dogs, but my precious angel Cersei sleeps on the bed at home and she expects something cushy. :rolleyes: Seriously, I've found if she has her own spot she'll go there and not invade my sleeping bag when my back's turned.

    I usually bring a piece of thin plywood to cover the ridges in the truck bed liner, but I forgot it! I think the ridges would've been awful without some cushioning for us.

    Tammy, I've seen those one-burner stovelets but they looked really tippy. When I picked out my gear I unanimously went for comfort over size (which is why it takes a full size truck bed to carry all my crap). If I take up backpacking I'll have to get all different stuff, sigh - but I think I'm happiest camping out of the truck and trailer and riding out during the day.

    Mel, I'll get pics of the Brunton. It does seem like a really nice well-made stove. <3 you Sierra Trading Post.

    BEC, I shoulda brought more. I figured 3 a night was good, but I could've done with a couple more!

  8. Oh, and Terry - thanks! I'm thinking I'll seed the front yard with wildflowers in the spring - I hope i get a mix with that penstemon in it!


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