Thursday, July 28, 2011

Check your ride results!

I almost didn't look - it hurt too much to remember Dixie limping - but I did, finally, look at the NASTR results in the new Endurance News. We're down as completing. I'll have to call the office. Sigh.

There's a big fire in California that's sending a wee bit of smoke into our area. I might have walked outside, taken one look around, and run back in in a panic to check the news. Thankfully it's 300 miles away.

Can you blame me?

I left the tack room open while I was carrying stuff to the trailer. Banders had to go exploring.


I need some kind of Trailer Organization Reality Show to select me and give my tack room a makeover.


  1. Karen Chaton has written several articles for EN about trailer organization...I think they're buried on her blog somewhere, also.

    You need help. Really. I *know* how much room is in that tack room, remember?

  2. Funder, I did the same thing when the New Mexico fires blew smoke up our way. I called my friend Jan to see if she'd heard about a fire near us, and then my neighbor called us to see if we knew anything!

  3. I'm a good organizer. Send me over to your place! ;)

    Seriously. I'm OCD (er, so people say..) and make lists for EVERYTHING. Let me tell you, packing for the 4H state fair has been killing me. Fun, though!

  4. Once when selling a horse, I met the buyer at a friend's stable. The buyer drove about 300 - 400 miles to pick the gelding up. When she got home to Colorado, she called and said there was a cat in her tack room. I called my friend and told her it sounded like my buyer got home with one of her cats. My friend said that was okay as long as it wasn't Tiger. Well, you guessed it. It was Tiger. Tiger flew home the following week.

  5. Wait that's right, you have the same trailer! Cough up some pics for me, Aarene! Help a sista out!

    Terry - it really is nervewracking, isn't it?

    Gabriella, I made a list today! I even crossed some stuff off! That's a start, right?

  6. Should have mentioned that Jonni has some good tack room ideas on her blog: Trot on Hank.

    I am visiting an rv guy tomorrow (hopefully) to see about installing a 3way frig in mine. And I am sure by the time I leave there, I'll have a list of things I want him to do. :)

  7. I would snark here about how whoever took one of my cats home would have to keep the damn thing, but yall would know it's a sham. I'd fly mine home too. :3 Thanks for the link, Tammy - I'd forgotten about Jonni's new-to-her trailer.

    What's a 3 way fridge? Propane, generator, or ...?

  8. Well, I don't know what the RULES say...but if I remember right, you DID finish the ride. It was just a detail that poor Dixie was off at the end.
    As for the fires, just be glad you don't have a volcano in your back yard...

  9. Good luck on the ride this weekend! And if you find someone to help with your tackroom, could you please send them to me when you're done? 'Cause if you think yours is bad...

    And at least in this case, Banders is not weird. Anything I open outside and the outdoor cats are IN it. Explorer-kitties!!!

  10. Electric! Too bad about the ride... Next Time! Smoke pic is pretty!

  11. Well, your tack room doesn't look as bad as my shed right now - and I don't have the excuse of all that horse stuff. Amazing how messy spare dog crates, dog beds, and other dog paraphernalia can become. And I'm an organized, obsessively neat person - usually.

  12. Open doors mean new hide out palces and sniffs to take! I am so glad that my sissy's trailer has a screen door...she mocved to a new place with 2 nosey sniffers cats...that want to be stuck inside her tack room!

    You did finish! And have another ride soon?? Oh GOOD!trying to catch up since the vaca..and an eye injury(have not reported on yet).
    Gosh..that would worry me too...all that smoke! Happy it's not closer and hope the winds of the area blow it out foer ya soon.

    Well, the boots are not long at all,being a 0, thay jsut cover the base of her heal. The boot gal thinks it's my mare's is so very common, I've not found a boot yet that won't twist...though I was hoping this one wouldn't...have to get creative with it, as the pads did not work for stopping it...maybe the homemade shims(dread comes over me).

  13. Oh...tack rooms are my specialty..or any small have some great resources here though!

  14. Yall don't understand - I did not complete. The rules of the game are that you have to finish with a horse that's fit to continue. I finished with a horse who was not fit to walk all the way back to the trailer after her vet check! It's one of the things that fundamentally attracted me to endurance - you don't get credit if your horse isn't sound and happy after the ride.

    Anyway, I called the AERC office. They were surprised and pleased that I called to tell them I didn't finish. What's right is right!

    I have some ideas for the tack room. I think I'll go the Container Store or maybe Ikea next time I'm in the big city. I've got a love/hate relationship with my swing out saddle rack for sure.


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