Monday, September 8, 2008

I love Mississippi

I went and got the ball rolling on the new apartment in Olive Branch today. Then, since I HAPPENED to be out there I went to the horses.

I needed some horse time. I don't usually bitch about "real life" here and I don't really intend to.. but this waiting-on-bar-results looking-for-job stuff totally sucks and is stressing me out majorly.

So it was Champ day. I get along so well with him. He is an annoying horse in many ways, very opinionated, but he also calms me down. I can get on him pretty upset, ride for a while, and get off feeling great. The other horses I hesitate to ride when I'm upset, because I don't want to "ride angry," but Champ always mellows me out.

I brought the camera and took some pictures. Mississippi for all its problems is a wonderful place. It's September, and I have with any luck two more months of really pleasant riding. At least a month, probably two, before the first frost and the grass thinks about maybe going dormant. It won't snow til January, if it snows at all, and the ground will only be frozen for maybe two months. I feel sorry for yall up there in the frozen north!

So it's a picture post. Here we go - lovely new (very short) trails! This is the "trailhead," right behind the horse pasture.


Here's one of the ponds.

The ripples are Cersei. She's swimming around somewhere.

This one's a little blurry because Champ was jigging around. He is also giving me the "WTF?! Why have we stopped!" ear. Obviously I am stupid and he is just trying to protect me from the wolves in the forest.


These next few pictures are on the way back. The part of the property near the road has a double fence - barbed wire near the road, about 12' of mowed grass, and hot wire for the interior fence. I love the setup - hotwire works and all, but Poppy is like a force of nature and if he ever decides to lumber on thru that one puny hotwire, he'll probably pull up at the big tall barbed wire fence. Anyway, Champ and I were in the alley between the two fences, looking left.

A little further down the road:

The rest of the herd had come up to us on the right, inside the hotwire.

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  1. I never realized that they would make you wait for so long after the exam -- you must be on tenterhooks. Things are crap for me at work/school right now, so I can empathize a little. Raven rides nice when I'm calm inside (the norm) but not so much when I'm stressed. Too bad, because the weather here is stunning (though it will last for another week, not two months). Looks like your herd loves their place.


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