Thursday, September 18, 2008

Verdict is in

I am an official Mississippi lawyer. Woohoo!

They didn't post the results last night, which made for a very long night. Or this morning, or at lunch, but it's ok cause they're up now.

Kinda in shock. Law. Yer. For reals.


  1. Yay! That's great!

    Lets go sue someone. Who do you want to do first??

    (Congrats!! I am very proud!)

  2. Yippee! You go girl!
    You must cellebrate!!
    Will you join a firm? How does that all work out? Don't you have to "pay your dues" like medical interns?

  3. Dura lex, Funder lex? Congratulations!!!

  4. YOU GO SISTER! Man oh man oh man, do I know how you feel--I bet the first thing was a profound sense of nothing, right?

    You probably had to get someone to confirm your results for you since maybe you read it wrong, and then you started to get it.

    Party on-- it never gets better than this feeling that will be showing up any time soon---

    Congratulations--welcome to the bar!

  5. Welcome to the bar? Like, "drinks are over there" *points* bar? :)
    I'm with Daun. Let's go sue someone. I'm sure Fugly Horse has some suggestions. I'll act as your paralegal. I'm not sure what all that entails but i DO know how to read, and i think that's a big part of it? :)

  6. Okay actually i just got back from reading Fugly Horse and i seriously DO wish i could go after those Georgia jackasses who tortured their horses in the Montana wilderness.
    Funder, if you were the Ravalli County prosecuting attorney, what sort of language would have the most impact in convincing you to press charges in a case like that? And let's for the sake of argument pretend this is coming from a Backcountry Horsemen group. Perhaps MY Backcountry Horsemen group.

  7. Take it from a long time practicing criminal attorney---no amount of language from the public SHOULD have any impact on whether charges are brought. As much as people want to believe that all the internet petitions, and phone calls, etc make a difference in cases like this--they really do not.

    Any prosecutor who thinks he can prove his case will file charges--public opinion won't make it more likely that he will do so. If anything, that backfires

  8. Thank you guys!
    Thanks yall! :D

    ell, I'm going to join a small firm probably. I don't have a lawyer job yet but now that I know I passed, I can get up my nerve and start politely cold-calling firms or something.

    Paige - You're right on. Profoundly nothing Thursday night, then I woke up yesterday pretty happy. I am not gonna dwell on my jobless status until Monday; I think I can enjoy the sense of relief until then :)

  9. CONGRATULATIONS on all your hard work to get where you want to be and for staying focused on your goal. That's huge! Kick back, relax, pat yourself on the back. Take it easy for at least a little while:0)

  10. Congrats! I'm so happy for you!!!



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