Monday, September 22, 2008

Woah, is it Monday already?

I had an action-packed weekend and I really need to start posting before I start forgetting!

Ok, Friday. I woke up and I was all "yippee I'm a lawyer!" so of course I had to go for a ride.

I got out there pretty early and found my Champ and saddled him up. We went on a looong ride, like 2.5 hours, exploring all the trails on the property. Champ found one particular kind of greenery that he really likes. It's not grass, it's some little green groundcover that looks almost like thyme. I tried to tell him that he is a horse and supposed to be a grazer, but he just flipped an ear back at me and kept browsing his new favorite forb. Uppity horse.

We saw a wild hen turkey! We came around a bend in the trail and she was about 25 feet away. She took off and flew away and Champ tried to convince me we'd just seen a Terror Bird, but I was having none of it.

After my ride, I went back home and chilled out for a while. Then my friends called and I ate dinner with them, then we went over to another friend's house and played cards til 4 am and drank a lot of beer. It was a ton of fun.

More later.


  1. It just so happens I need an attorney to write a contract for me...want a little job?

  2. Terror Birds! I have never heard of those before. I like your blog cuz it is educational. :)

  3. Oooh I'm about 99% sure I can't do that, Carmon! I have passed the bar EXAM but I'm not a licensed attorney yet. Trust me, it takes a lot of paperwork and a lot of fees to finally be a Real Practicing Attorney.

    Anyway, I'm pretty sure if I did write anything for you, it would be practicing without a license and I cannot do that. :(


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