Monday, September 1, 2008

Picture time

Oh, first, before I forget - I de-wormed everything today. Cats, dog, horses. Ivermectin for the horses.

Here's some Poppy Pictures. He's starting to grow in his winter coat, so he's an odd brindle - burned yellowish-brown summer hairs mingled with jet-black winter hairs. He doesn't fade quite as dramatically as Brego, but he definitely looks more bay than black by August.


I got out the tape. He's a shorty - 16 hands, give or take an inch. But he sure is broad! I am really surprised that he hasn't gotten taller. Well, it's probably for the best - he is plenty large.


Look at that pretty face!


  1. He is so handsome. Raven hardly faded at all this summer, probably because (a) we hardly had any sun and (b) she was in a fly sheet most of the time. I can't believe their winter coats are coming in already...

  2. Aww I like that last pic. That pretty face and all the flowers!

  3. Handsome boy! 16 hands is short? Holy Cow. Mine is 15 and that's plenty tall for these all bones to mount from the ground on trail (but I am only 5'5" so that's likey why)What kind of flowers are everywhere in your pictures? Very pretty with the old shack and flowers and all.

  4. Well, when you consider that he could be up to a foot taller and not be an unusually large Percheron - he's a shorty! I am so very glad that he's as short as he is.

    We just call the flowers "buttercups." I don't know what their real name is. I've read that buttercups are poisonous to horses, but obviously horses think they taste horrible. There's plenty of other forage for the horses, and PLENTY of land. They just like hanging out by the shack/run-in.

    The shack is an old 3 bedroom house. The interior walls have been ripped out, and the horses use it as a run-in. It's very very odd. I should take pics of it next time I go down.

  5. OH! Percheron! How did I miss that? He looks much more proportional than a lot of drafts--and I love drafts they look like giant ponies to me--but poppy is more horsey shaped. The flowers look sort of like a kind of marigold we have here in the north as an annual. Do they smell peppery? I love the smell of marigolds.

  6. Found you from White Horse Pilgrim. I love that that house of yours in a run-in shed! That's wild.

    Nice photos. I think we used to have those flowers around here. I always thought they were related to chamomile but I completely made that up. Really. Horses don't eat them but they leave a good smell on your hands, if I remember right.

    Will be back!

  7. Oh, hi smellshorsey! I like your blog - your kids are lucky :)

    I'll take some pictures of the mystery yellow flowers tomorrow and yall can try to figure out what they *really* are.

    It's a very cool property actually. There are trails all over the place and the horses roam around eating grass and shrubs. I always though horses were grass-grazers, but they appear to actually be pretty opportunistic.

    More pictures tomorrow!


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