Sunday, February 1, 2009

Car update

Do not try to jump a BMW! Or any modern car for that matter! The internet is chock full of warnings about how you'll fry all your nifty electronics. I discovered this when googling to figure out which terminal to disconnect first and/or how to hook up cables.

I took the battery out (of the trunk! BMWs are weird!) and dropped it off at Autozone for a test/charge. Unsurprisingly, it was bad - poor battery was made in May of 2001. It gave its all. Also unsurprisingly a new battery for the Expensive Car cost $150.

I did almost have a heart attack when, as I was reinstalling the ground cable to the new battery, it sparked and the trunk lights came on. Once I convinced myself the lightning wasn't going to eat me, it was pretty uneventful.


  1. My mom gave me the Miata when she bought a Z3. It's a beautiful car and fun to drive, but my sister and I secretly call it the "hunk'ojunk" because there is always something wrong with it, and it is always expensive to fix. My sister's husband just got some crazy expensive BMW for work -- over $100K -- don't know what kind. Me and my beatup Tacoma and my very old Miata are an embarrassment to the family.

  2. I HATE working on car electrical! I do i do i do. ANY spark freaks me out. I know the car is only 12 volts and it will not kill me, but still. HATE. >:(


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