Saturday, February 28, 2009

Spring is in the air

Went out to check on the horses kind of early today (since we're all going to die tonight). I couldn't find Champ and Silky so I hiked all around the two fields. Of course they were eating hay at one of the round rolls when I finally decided they'd died and headed back toward the truck.

Anyway. The mares decided it was Crazy Time as I walked back toward the gate. One of the young QH mares went tear-assing past me, tail flagged like an Arab. Then Dixie and two more mares snorted and dashed around the house. The geldings alternated chasing the mares and chasing each other. I went and stood on a little hill with some trees and watched them play for a while.

Champ decided that no other horse should come near me. (What if I had treats in my pockets and I accidentally fed them to another horse?! Unacceptable.) Poppy thought maybe I had something tasty for him so he came up, but Champ came stalking up behind him, ears flat, swinging his head back and forth. Poppy tried to ignore Champ, so Champ went to bite Poppy's butt. Poppy turned around and Champ reared straight up and pawed at him. Poppy is even lazier than Champ so Poppy backed away and walked off. In a circle, behind me, to come up on the other side. Champ went and headed him off again.

Meanwhile, Goblin (the very pale palomino QH gelding) came dashing up with the mares. Dixie was hanging out near me and the round roll. Goblin seriously miscalculated his stopping power and slid 5 feet on his haunches in the mud, crashing into Dixie. This was a huge faux pas, because she immediately squealed and started kicking him. He scrambled away as fast as he could.

Then two of the young QH mares came up, Penny and April. They're buddies, always hanging out together. Apparently they're more than just buddies, because the sorrel rubbed her head on the bay's butt, all lovey, then halfway mounted her. A couple minutes later she did it again! Awww, lesbian horses!

I finally got the new spare tire winch for my truck. Later this week I'll put it on and finally get my spare tire out of my truck bed. Still waiting to hear back from that shipper; if she doesn't call me tomorrow I'm calling someone else Monday. Rrrrgh.

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    Lol, we're getting it up north possibly Sunday night. EEK! I thought the snow was gone! (so did the horses... they started shedding!)

    Hope everything goes smoothly with the move! Try to relax :) Moving can be stressful as hell! (As I'm sure you know!)


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