Thursday, September 2, 2010

Last apartment post

All 14 survived the night. The brown one is Foghorn, of course, and the white ones are known collectively and individually as Dolly. The mottled ones might get individual names - they are actually distinctive.

They all free ranged today. Woops. There are apparently chicken sized holes in their home. They came back in for dinner, so hopefully they'll sleep there.

We are madly packing the rest of our stuff. How did we get so much junk? It is a mystery.

Tomorrow is probably the most over-scheduled day of my life. Movers, best buy appliances, best buy range, propane, and woodstove dude are all descending on the new casa. Saturday the direct tv guys and the cable Internet guys and the new (used) furniture guys are coming. My fence insulators and wire are showing up from amazon this weekend. The charger is coming next week.

For two people who don't actually consider ourselves to be grown ups, we really have our shit together.

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  1. Got your shit together....and you'll be up to your --[fill in the blank]-- in it in no time!!

  2. Good luck with all the commotion!

  3. I liked that! Its important to have your shit wrapped tight!very!!!Lol!

  4. Hope everything went well yesterday! Foghorn, I love it!


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