Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bok bok bok!

Chickens! I have chickens!

I, err, have more chickens than I planned on.


See this girl posted on CL on Monday that she had 14 hens who just started laying but she was moving cross country so she had to get rid of them. I wrote and said I'd buy 5 at $10 each - that's a fair price. Emailed back and forth with her a couple times over the next few days, and when I showed up she was like "Thank god, you're the most normal person who asked about them. I'll give you all of them for the same price and all their stuff too." So I helped her catch them all and cram them in Cersei's dog crate and I dragged them home.

They're cute! Anybody know what breeds they are? And they make adorable chickeny noises.

Bok bok bok

G and I had to do emergency repairs on the chicken coop section of the big run-in. It's pretty rednecky but it should keep the coyotes out til the weekend when I can fix it better. Jammed some L-shaped steel grid shelves into the gaps under the walls, then nailed the vertical bits of the shelves to the walls. This is a terrible description but maybe you can figure out what I'm talking about - it should be dig-resistant at least.

Bok bok

They were pretty pissed off about the sudden upheaval of their world, but it was dusk by the time we finished the stopgap repairs, so they flapped on up to whatever high spots they could find and settled in for a nap.



  1. the white ones are leghorns, the dark one with brown head is an easter egger , commonly (mistakenly) sold as americana/Araucanas, the others have no clue, try backyard chicken. com ... :)

  2. As long as they lay eggs, and cluck! Hell! They be chickens!!

  3. Are you documenting this in the PI chicken thread? I think it would make good reading. :)

    Awesome. Cersei's going to love fresh eggs. :3

  4. Make sure you keep them locked up for at least a week or two if you're planning to free range them. They gotta figure out where "home" is before they start wandering around on their own!

    I love my chickens...which in turn love the horse poo...and as a result, I NEVER have to pick poo out of paddocks! :D Plus, I get eggs...bonus!

  5. The white ones are probably leghorns, the one with the dark body and the light brown striped head is actually a brown leghorn, and I forget what the black and white ones are called, but they should all lay white eggs.

  6. Oooooh, I do love chickens! Congrats!

    And check my WV:
    "rednequ" = upscale downhome fixits.

  7. They were all still there this morning! Yay! I brought them some breakfast tomatoes, which were well received.

    I suspect they're all leghorns, actually. The Internet tells me that leghorns come in speckled, too. I will try for better pics soon.

    Sara - hadn't thought of it! I'll see how hard it is to read the forums on my phone and might post there.

    I'm going to drown in eggs. Eeeek.

  8. I used to have chickens at my old place and I loved them! I gave the eggs away because I can't bring myself to eat fresh ones, but they did a great job with the horse manure, which was their main purpose. They were quite friendly too!

    Congrats on the new additions, and the great price! ;)

  9. I'm SO JEALOUS. I long for chickens (really). Totally love the little cluckers, yet have been chichenless my entire life. It's just morally wrong. ~E.G.

  10. I'm getting quite fond of the chickens at N & R's where I'm visiting. One likes to sneak in the house and help herself to the cat food... or whatever else is lying about before we hear her. And the fresh eggs - yum!!!!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond


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