Sunday, September 5, 2010


I will probably talk about MY HOUSE in all caps for years to come.

We've been ridiculously busy and we've gotten so much done! I'm exhausted, so I can't do the usual picture-and-description post. I will just tell you what I've done and point you at my Flickr page if you want to see in-progress crappy iPhone pics.

We have new-to-us furniture, new appliances, Direct TV, propane, a woodstove, and internet. We have no idea how to work the pool or hot tub, but we think we've figured out swamp cooler maintenance - the internet gave us the user's manual.

The bedroom is painted and furnished. I'm going to try to hang the new trim in the bedroom tomorrow, but if it doesn't happen it doesn't happen. Took the enormous mirrored closet doors down today and the closet is pretty organized.

The den is painted, with more than 3/4 of the new trim up. Well, no crown molding yet, but the door casings and baseboard is almost completely up. It's mostly caulked. I can work on painting the trim after work this week. Just hung the drapes over the sliding doors.

The kitchen stuff is mostly in the kitchen, but it's kind of a disaster zone there.

I hauled four loads of junk out of the pasture. I wish I had a draft horse - there are a BUNCH of random half-rotted gates just laying out there. I think I will need to disassemble them out there and drag the boards out. I will be taking junk to the dump for MONTHS.

And I RODE MY HORSE today! She was totally glad to see me. I had the rope halter all jacked up and she kept dropping her nose in it while I was trying to untangle it. She does love me :D I rode her over to OUR HOUSE - she is less excited about it than me.

She's shedding - summer is officially over.


  1. your chickens get watermelon? jealous!

    as i'm digging for our barn, i keep finding weird artifacts. in the past people just buried junk in their farmyards. i'm waiting on the big find where i get rich, but yesterday i found pieces of pottery, a strange hairpin, and many bricks.

    i am keeping a collection of the weird unidentifyable stuff and maybe i'll turn it in the local castle and see if they want to put it in a display case.

    but we also had so much junk to get rid of at first - and even now, we just cleaned out the loft above my man's office and we have a huge pile of stuff to get rid of and we're not sure how. certainly it will invovle us paying.

    your idea about a draft horse - i had the idea too, to hook up baasha to the rhodie. so i made a homemade harness out of ropes (and a cushion for his chest), and tried to get him to pull me around. problem was since the rhodie is so huge, i felt i had to get him used to a real pressure on him and he resisted this, tossing his head and dancing sideways. he hated that, and i guess with a homemade harness i cannot blame him. (he used to pull me around on a skateboard just fine but that wasn't much pressure.)

    i can see that you guys have a lot to do and you don't have the luxury of doing it before actually moving in.

    i look forward to watching your progress.


  2. You've gotten a huge amount done!

    Glad you got a ride in and that she was happy to see you.

  3. Hooray for YOUR HOUSE!

    Yes, we continue to find weird and awful stuff around here. The barbed wire was the worst, but the car jack in the middle of the pasture was also pretty bad...cuz, doesn't everyone jack up the car in the middle of a pasture...and then leave the jack behind?!?!!

    I was amazed at the stuff people would take away when I put a note on the local Freecycle board and Craigslist. Maybe that will work for you?

  4. It seems you have been very busy! ...The last time we moved house, we found an item that we thought we had lost, when we moved originally!

    It was the one and only thing that got me started in the morning! ...The Coffee grinder!

  5. Wow! It would take me 10 years to get all that work done!

  6. Wow! I'm exhausted just reading all of that. Glad you found time to play with your horse.

  7. LOL lytha, since we've moved into our house, we're finding all kinds of crap too. But mostly it's just buried wires and junk. However, I did find a tiny 101 Dalmatians toy dog that I cleaned up and am keeping. How I found him IDK because he was so tiny.

    Your comment about Dixie cracked me up, Funder! But I bet if she lived IN the house with you she would be excited...


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