Sunday, September 12, 2010

What have I DONE?

Yesterday I got my first taste of the "oh god what have I done" horrors. I really want to move Dixie next weekend, so she'll have two weeks to settle in here before Comstock. I got pretty overwhelmed with all the stuff I have to accomplish to make that happen. G gave me the very serious "I'm really sorry but you will never make it" lecture, which of course spurred me to get 'er done even more. Surely by now that man knows how stubborn I am? Anyway, I am going for it.

Yesterday I took the evil yellow horse trailer and got a cord of firewood. I had to back in here and to the right behind the white house:

Then wedge myself in around the corner of the house:

I am competent at a lot of stuff, but there are a few things in life that I am really, really good at. Trailer backing is one of them. I had my back to a wall when I took that picture - it was TIGHT. I rule!

Anyway, a 2 horse straight holds exactly a cord of wood. How cool is that?

Then I built the Egg McMansion, but yall saw that. Should I put some fake eggs in there or something? None of my idiots has even jumped up to investigate it. Bunch of haters.

I started a second enormous junk pile. Got all the junk out of the pasture, except for one more pallet/door/thing I just found to the north line.

Then I despaired. We drank quite a bit and watched Office Space, which is still so painfully funny. This morning I relaxed til noon, then got back to work.

I used my adorable little hacksaw to just rip through the sagebrush at light speed - that thing cuts sage like it's butter. I loves it. Then I pounded a lot of posts and took some moderately flattering shots of my wonky fence.

Here is my Wedge-loc corner post. It looks like crap because my posts aren't precisely level or really well measured, and because I was under attack by devil fire ants while I was pounding, but you know what? It's really really sturdy!

I emptied half a can of Raid on the nest just to watch them squirm and die. I am a bad hippie. I almost took video of them squirming, but I had to keep an eye on my feet lest another ant climb up my pants and sting me on the thigh. Argh.

Here's the east side, which my awesome husband pounded for me:

And here's the northeast corner, looking west:

(I know my boundaries aren't exactly NESW, but it's way easier for me to say and think "north side" than "north-northeast side.")

I've had some food, and the 7' corner post is already in - I think I can pound two more and assemble the NE corner brace thing. Then I'll only have a few posts to do this week after work.

It's still beautiful here :)


  1. Isn't it GRATIFYING to build fences? Good for you!!!

  2. I've used the "Wedge-Locs" for electric fence, but I'm not sure they're heavy enough for any woven steel fence that would have to be stretched tight.... Are you just doing electric for now? Tape, wire or rope?

    I'm sure glad the evil yellow trailer was good for SOMETHING!

  3. Aarene, I think it's only gratifying to the kind of masochists who also think it's gratifying to ride a horse for 50 miles. ;) Luckily I qualify!

  4. ES - I'm just doing the orange braided hotwire. I will save up and replace the t-posts with wood or steel posts and install woven wire at some point.

  5. I know that feeling when we bought our second house in Tombstone, AZ. My first reaction was actually gets better in time. :-)

  6. fantastic! It all looks great! Well done you.


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