Tuesday, August 31, 2010

House, part 3

It doesn't seem possible to keep cramming as much into every day as I'm doing. But I'm not too tired when I go to sleep, and I wake up rested, and I am actually having a ton of fun, so all is well.

Yesterday I came home, changed clothes, and went over and cut in the bedroom. Where I cut in didn't crackle, so I think the walls will be ok with two coats of paint.

Walls cut in

This morning, I got up early and headed to Lowe's before work. Got a contractor pack of REAL baseboard and creatively loaded it in my truck. My truck would be completely useless without the sliding window in the back, but because it has that window, it's actually more useful than some bigger trucks. 12' of floppy MDF baseboard wouldn't have ridden nearly as well in my husband's 8' bed truck! But I just jammed it in, tied it down, and it rode like a rock.


After work, I met up with my husband and we headed over for some $5 doors. A guy has been advertising $5 doors on Craigslist, and I've been hoping I could get some. They're very nice primed heavy-grade hollowcore interior doors. Not drilled for knobs, and they're not all the correct "handedness," but I can fix both of those problems. And I did get six doors for the price of one new door.

$5 doors!

After we got the doors, we dashed to the house and met the hay dude. A ton of hay sure isn't a very big pile, but it'll last Dixie and the goat for a while. I'll need more to get through the winter, I think, but I have a couple of months to get it together.

Tomorrow morning I have to buy gas (woops, should've gotten it today) and a bag of scratch grain, then after work I am going to score some CHICKENS! (Unless the lady sells them to someone else - that's the risk of Craigslist.) I figure since they need to be locked up for the first couple days to get used to their new homes, it's ok if they are stuck in the chicken haus until we move. I guess I will throw them in the dog crate and tie a blanket down over them. Poor chickens, riding in the bed of the truck will be traumatic. Maybe if it's dark they'll sleep through it.


  1. we got some new baseboards for our bedroom when we redid it and they're not even real wood but they match all our ikea furniture.

    we have several solid doors that my man just took down from the attic and they are so heavy it takes more than two people to carry them (or two normal people, if i'm not one of them). so we have old doors, old shutters, and wood in a big pile, and no craigslist.

    i hate that craigslist doesn't exist here. or, it does, but no one uses it. *sigh*

  2. Ah! Home improvement! One of our first projects was to enlarge the TINY closet in our bedroom. It got done right away, and got doors a couple of years later. The trim is currently masking taped in place! (Barn came first!)

    I don't know about the goat, but I usually figure two ton per horse for the winter (Oct. to April), so you should be okay for a while. With such a great barage to store it, take advantage of any deals you come across, when you come across them.

    The chickens should do fine in the crate/blanket set-up. (I've been known to throw a couple in pillow cases for transport. Now that's a sight!)

  3. Lytha, no craigslist?? It's like you're living in the 90s! I can't imagine how weird life without cl must be!

    I love MDF molding. It's cheaper, easier to cut and install, and looks exactly like wood once it's painted.

    ES - did I mention that I'm definitely going to put in a row of trees at the back fence line? Probably Russian olives.

    I am definitely pushing to get the inside of the house livable fast because once I get my fencing stuff, I'm gonna abandon it. ;)

    Snerk, chickens in pillowcases! I thought about bringing cardboard boxes with airholes punched in, but what if I need them to pack?!

  4. When we moved in, our biggest priority was building the pasture fence--that was a huge project. We hardly looked at the house, even after we'd decided to buy it.

    Then my mom offered to buy interior paint for my birthday, and wheeeeeee! We went from industrial greyish-white on the inside to sky blue, pine green, and mango-and-daisy. Thanks, mom.

    But the projects really never end!


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