Saturday, August 28, 2010

House tour time!

Who would like to see my awesome new crib? Yes? Ok, here we go!

Here's what I did today. This is the master bedroom - it's pepto pink with antique white crackle finish. Yes, really. I got the wallpaper all off today and painted the dingy gross ceiling.

(Wallpaper tip: I have tried all the products and gadgets, and the best and cheapest way to get wallpaper off without fucking up the wall underneath is with vinegar. Peel off the top vinyl layer with your girlie fingernails, then spray or brush on cheap white vinegar. When the paper is soaked, it should peel off the wall with no damage. Unless you get impatient and fed up with it and stab the wall with your putty knife - no promises there.)


I made a mess.

Then I cleaned it up!

Then I painted the indescribably gross ceiling. It's not actually nasty-dirty, it just hasn't been painted in probably 33 years. It really paints like the original blown-on popcorn stuff, not like a ceiling that was painted at some point.

Two gallons of Kilz 2 got one coat on the bedroom ceiling and part of the hall. The second coat tomorrow shouldn't be as hard. I'll cut in tomorrow - I was TIRED and hungry by the time I rolled up 2 gallons of paint.

Ok, that's enough house stuff - on to the property!

Here's the small run-in. This is the one I'm going to turn into a compost pile shelter.
Manure pile?

A Cersei dog.

Looking at the first area of the bigger run-in. I don't know what it's closed in like that for.

The other two areas of the run in. I don't know what that fence is doing there...

Here's the rest of the chain link fence, the chicken coop, and a Cersei-dog.

Well, this must be the back of the chicken coop...

So the other side must be the front - wait, wtf?

This is the future paddock. There's a ton of weird junk. The neighbor's fence is horrendous - I am going to have to put up new t-posts for the whole perimeter. Sigh.

It's a pretty awesome place. Lots of promise, but lots of work to make it happen.


  1. hooray hooray HOOORAAAAYYYYY!!!!

    I'm so excited for you.

    So, is the Lorax room going to be Cersei-space?

  2. the last time i removed wallpaper (1990?) i swore "never again" but then we bought this house and here we go...

    this time i used a steaming bucket of warm vinegar and a scraper tool and it was disgusting but lucky for me the floor had to go too so it didn't matter that i got the floor all gooey.

    what is just criminal here, most homes use a plain white wallpaper on all their walls. not just homes - businesses too. i don't understand why they do this, but we had to hire someone to come in and re-paper the room in white again. it's a textured paper that makes the walls look like mortar. we have it in the kitchen too, talk about illogical - how exactly do you scrub paper without ruining it?

    and lately it's been feeling good to my cat's claws so she's using the walls as scratching posts. *sigh*

    hate wallpaper forever.

    i'm excited to see even more of your place so please keep taking pics - especially the before and after. don't forget the befores on everything, you'll be happy you did later!

    ~lytha, first time homeowner

  3. I second what Lytha said - I want to see it all.
    Funder, would you mind sending me your email address? I want to tell you more than you want to know about our fencing. I don't have my blogger account set up correctly for email - I get an error message everytime. My address is

  4. I can definitely see the potential! Can't wait to see pictures as everything progresses. :)

  5. What is up with the chicken coop!? Crazy. Your house is going to be beautiful, I can feel it!

  6. Looks to me like they "accidently" put up the chain link in front of the old chicken coop, so they moved the hens to the run-in! I was going to say, use it as a feed room, but then you've got the whole barage thing going on... Will you open up the whole big run-in?
    The compost bin seems like an appropriate use. For me, once the junk was hauled out, I think I'd want to just disc/plow under everything else! If you can't grow passable grass, then one big sand lot would seem okay. As for the neighbor's fence, maybe, since you've got to add new anyway, set it back 4 or 5 feet (so the other horses can't get TOO close) and plant some desert adapted wind/privacy screen (is there such a thing?).
    House definitely looks like a project, but my priorities would definitely be know, horse work before housework, right? I do like Aarene's idea for the Seuss room.

  7. OMG!.....I do not envy you the work! However, it certainly looks like it has a lot to offer. I will watch with bated breath.


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