Monday, August 2, 2010

Back to school

So Dixie and I are going to try a lesson with a local instructor tomorrow night. I blame this one equally on Kate and AareneX. Aarene is always extolling the virtues of taking lessons (and I totally agree - but she keeps it in the front of my head!) and Kate just did that awesome clinic with Mark Rashid. So when I saw this lady's Craigslist ad for a discounted first lesson, and she mentioned how she'd worked with Mark Rashid, I decided to jump on it.

Things I need help with: posting the elusive other diagonal. Sitting the canter better. Getting Dixie on the bit, at least some of the time! Riding from my seat, instead of (or at least in addition to) my voice.

I haven't posted hoof pics in a while. AareneX asked if Dixie's toes were too long - they don't look long to me. I've seen her wear them shorter, but I haven't deliberately trimmed them much shorter than this.

There's a goat in this picture.

Side view. The phone cunningly chose to focus on the manure ball, but the hooves aren't too fuzzy.

RF solar. You can see how my trimmer took down her inside heel a bit. And that month of light duty really took its toll - I have to ride more, or at least touch up in between trims if I'm not riding more.

RF heel. On the right side of the picture you can barely see where she clipped herself Saturday.

Right rear. See the flare on that outside wall? I am almost positive that's what's making the rear boot fit poorly. (Thank you Kirt!) I am going to start keeping that rolled back once every couple of weeks.

Left rear doesn't bell out, and the left rear boot doesn't get sand. (I think. I forget which boot gets sand in it, despite my best attempts to remember.)

Left front solar.

Left front heel. In this view, it looks like the outside front quarter is a bit long... I might take that down too.

Bonus goat!

As always, feel free to comment on her feet!


  1. Love the Bonus Goat. I didn't know goat's heads were so...triangular!

  2. I can't see any of your pictures from work and it sucks! I mean, not that I would read blogs while I should be working... I do these things on my lunch break only!

    Must remember to look from home! :)

  3. OOOHHHH!!! Tell Monica "Hi" for me! She's *AWESOME*. She's the one I used to hack down to her place when I lived in Spanish Springs and take lessons with Sinatra. She should remember us. My mom also gave her a horse for a while, a bay TWH named "JT". I should hook up with her and see about doing something with Diego...

    Now I need to go read the rest of your post, I just saw lesson and had to blab!

  4. I see the GOAT!
    Nice shots of Dixie's hooves. They look very tough and symmetrical (except for the one flair--do you know what is causing it?), with healthy frogs. Good job!
    Good luck with your lesson. (Sounds like you've got at least one positive referral.)

  5. Terry, that goat is a ridiculous creature. He's adorable, and my hateful mare just loves him to pieces. I2P, you have to remember to look at this when you get home, just for the goat. :D

    ~C, that's too cool!

    ES, she's always had that flare. Used to be on both rear feet, and for a long time I thought it was normal. Most trim sites only show fronts :( Now I've finally seen some really good bare rear feet in person, and it's definitely flare. It's improving - I just need to help it improve faster.

  6. Very interesting! Love the dog! That goat looks as though it is in charge!Lol!

  7. Very interesting! Love the dog! That goat looks as though it is in charge!Lol!

  8. Nice hoof shots! (and the bonus goat, too!) I'm not as knowledgeable about hooves and hoof care as I should be, and anything I can learn is good.

    Have fun at the lesson!

  9. LOL Love Da Goat!! He is too cool Funder.

    Nice nice nice looking feets ;) I'd take down what you spotted, and ride on! You guys are doing so amazing. Very happy for you and proud of you both!

  10. i think the dixie hooves look great, and i'm always amazed at what dry climate hooves look like. like karen chaton's photos, they freak me out too. so odd! but i have a deep heel thrush goin on in a rear hoof and i'm pissed! we finally get some rain and i cannot get this thing healed.

    also, have you tried rasping hooves that are hard from the hot weather? i can't believe how hard it is. when we had no rain, i simply hosed him for a half hour cuz i couldn't get the rasp thru them.

    now i have this raging cut on my finger cuz i thought i'd mrs mom it and try to rasp w/o gloves. the rasp went right thru my finger and i shook hands with someone today and almost dropped to the floor in pain.

    i'll have to post some hoof photos from this week. i see a lot of white line because of the rich grass lately.

    but this pony we've got, woo, he's got perfect black hooves, all identical, all picture perfect (but in need of a trim). if only!


  11. Hoof shots! :D

    I keep remembering her first hoof shots, once she got out of stacks. So horrifying. Have you noticed any movement in decontracting the heels? Gene's have decontracted slightly, and Dawn says that they're some of the most stubborn heels she's met and will probably stay that way. At least it looks like she has frog contact with the ground, which he is just gaining in the fronts.

    I'm wondering if her front right is flared in the front. It looks like it changes angles a little bit down her foot, thus giving her the long toe. Or, it could be because the camera is focusing on the poo :)

    Psst - Dawn's coming out to the West... damned if I can remember where... to give a clinic. One of those deserty states. Interested in more info?

    Please write about what you learn in your lessons!


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