Sunday, August 29, 2010

Progress and setbacks

First thing today, I got the bedroom ceiling finished. It looks amazing with two coats of flat white! Pro tip: Everything looks better with another coat. It's not worth painting if you're not going to put enough coats on. :)
Second coat

Then I went to the paint store, in the rain. Look at this! Wet stuff, falling from the sky, onto my truck! Unbelievable.
What is this wet stuff falling from the sky?

I was so excited to have paint that I went ahead and slapped a coat of wall paint on the walls!
Ceiling finished, one coat on walls

Ducked into the bathroom and painted over the mildewed semi-gloss peach paint with more beautiful white...
Master bath ceiling

... then wandered back out into the bedroom to find disaster had struck.
The old crackle glaze is apparently still active. The new tasteful paint had cracked, allowing the heinous pepto-pink to shine through. All four walls! FML! Pro tip: Next time, just replace the sheetrock.
FML, it's crackling!

I primed the walls, hoping that the magical properties of primer would override the black magic of crackle glaze. Then I headed off to the den. Rolled the ceiling a second time, then stripped the border in that room.
Wallpaper border is down

The primer crackled too, but not as badly as the paint. Tomorrow after work I'll roll paint on the bedroom walls again and hopefully it won't crack. I am honestly not sure what I'll do if it does!


  1. You could try screaming in frustration at the top of your lungs.

    That's probably what I'd do in this circumstance!

    WV: cressies
    ghastly old paint that seeps through everything, akin to the persistant bloodstain in Oscar Wilde's Canterville Ghost Perhaps a little bit of Pinkerton’s Champion Stain Remover and Paragon Detergent might be employed?

  2. Oh my goodness! I didn't know crackle paint can't be killed! Have you tried a stake through it's heart? But even at that, your new home looks so much better.

    Our fencing is 5 strands of "White Lightening", a coated electric wire ( threaded through insulators that go through the posts. Our posts are 8', with 3' in the ground in concrete. The charger is solar.
    The entire cost was $4.09 a foot, installed.


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