Friday, August 20, 2010

Now with pictures!

This is the best I can offer right now.

The well is in the top right corner. The tan building at the bottom corner of the field is the good run-in. The small white building at the bottom right of the field is the potential manure house.

The absolutely enormous brown building on the left is the barage (that's my new word for it). Huge sliding doors at front, small people door at back, open on the inside, unfinished upstairs. For scale, the white rectangle left and below the barage is a big RV.

The green thing is the aboveground pool. The hot tub is in the shadow of the house.

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  1. Sweet! So much storage! And a pool!

  2. I've been anxiously awaiting pictures! Sweet! How big is it?

  3. Nice! Any irrigation at all? Or are you stuck with desert?
    I see the potential for a small confinement area between the run-in and the house, if you needed it. Or would you want animals that close? (Ask a silly question...)
    Your "barage" is bigger than my whole house!!

  4. Congrats! will be awesome having
    your own place! it's huge!

  5. VERY cool. Is the sale final? When can you move? Hooray!


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