Monday, August 2, 2010

Beautiful Nevada

It's been too hot to take Cersei on my rides, so I've been taking her up on the mountain and throwing the ball at dusk. Some days I get out there early and get badass sunset pictures. Here's a few to share.



I thought of Karen Chaton's Skywatch series when I took this. No pictures for her husband, but a good night for me and my camera phone!



  1. Lovely. We have a fire burning north of us about 100 miles (no threat here) and both the sunset last night and sunrise this morning, the sun is blood red! Weird.

  2. Thanks Cheyenne!

    Evensong, it's the particulates from the smoke somehow. My husband lived in Seattle when Mt St Helens erupted, and he said the sunsets were flaming red for years afterwards. There are quite a few small fires within a couple hundred miles of here - I wonder if they're giving us salmon clouds?

  3. Beautiful, especially that salmon pink cloud.


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