Thursday, August 18, 2011

Toklat Woolback final review

tl;dr: Doesn't work for Dixie.

Just over a year ago, I ordered the Woolback and was initially delighted with it. I still want to love it - it's super lightweight, Dixie gets good back scores, and it's easy to clean. (Unless you get caught with it in the brand-new clothes washer. Spouses do not like that shit.) But it wads up under the saddle, and that's totally unacceptable.

I can't flat-out blame the Woolback, because it only seems to bunch up when we're going downhill. Dixie paces downhills. That side-to-side motion, plus the braced hollow/neutral back position, just works the pad forward. There's no stiffness to the Woolback to hold it in place. :(

But getting off and untacking and straightening the pad after every set of downhills is totally unacceptable. Bottom line: Don't buy a Woolback if you have a pacey horse and a western-type saddle.

I'm trying out a Reinsman next; I'll review it when I get some saddle time again. :)


  1. Elvis has a sheepskin half pad that I don't like at all. It slips.

  2. My SO has made it very clear that I am not to wash horsey things in our washer... so I make sure I do it when he's not home. :)

    I'd say you gave the woolback a fair chance... a bunched up pad would definitely be annoying. Good luck with the new one!

  3. I have one of the Woodbacks also and I love it; Jesse does not. I haven't had slippage problems. I bought it for moisture control; Jesse is a very hot horse (puts off a lot of heat - not HOT in the normal sense of the word in the horse world). I hoped it would help dissipate the heat from under the saddle. It did that fine, would create whorls in her hair under the saddle (maybe that was slippage?) and she did NOT like that. She wouldn't tolerate the pad for more than an hour of ride time. I use it on Washoe just fine, but he doesn't get hair whorls, and he also does not have the side to side motion that Dixie and Jesse have. Just something for people to think about.

  4. I used to have a big felt one that worked really well for us but when I changed saddles I had to change pads. Now I have a Skito which I adore.

    But I feel your pain. The saddle pad in between the above mentioned somehow slide out the back and rubbed her raw from moving too much in places. It was awful.

  5. I have Woolback pads that have worked for years, but they do tend to slip, especially if clean! I put ties on the front of mine to tie it to the D's on the saddle.

    Now borrowing an "anitque" pad that's some type of wool blend, thick - but not too thick, breaths wonderfully! "TJ" of Tennessee is the trademark name on it - want to find another!

  6. I wash all my washable horse stuff in the washer too. Please don't tell. I have a 5-star pad that I love. I've had it for 4-5 years now, it's been used with several saddles and two differant horses. Course you can't throw it in the wash, but you can use the pressure washer on it fine.

  7. Just popped over for a look from Brown Eyed Cowgirls. I second the 5Star wool felt pads Susan mentioned. Their website has a comparison chart for why the wool felt is superior to gel impact, neoprene, fleece and everything else on the market. They are a bit pricey in comparison, but the horses comfort is definately worth it. Pressure spraying keeps them clean or you can use a navajo under it if it is a major concern.


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