Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Trailer tack room cabinet

I've been thinking about how to maximize my tack room space, and last weekend I decided I needed a cabinet on the back wall. So I made one!


The front is 1x4s dowelled together. I didn't have big enough clamps, so I wedged it in between nails while the glue dried.

I cut out for the steel studs, propped the front in place, and very laboriously put in a mini stud wall behind the front. The angles were extremely hard for me to figure out.

I will need to vent for the battery and get a new spare rack mounted. Small price to pay.

The doors were easy; they're just 1/2" plywood.

The top was amazingly hard. I ended up buying a small piece of 1/4" MDF and eyeballing the curved wall. Then I started pasting cardboard on top til I had the whole thing filled in.

Carefully transferred to the rest of the sheet of 1/2" plywood...

And it fit! Really well.

I put eyebolts into the steel studs and used a bungee to hold the bucket collection in place.

Huh, I forgot to take a picture of what's IN the cabinet. It's got shipping boots, the first aid kit, my crew bag, and the compression sack of horse blankets. I got heavy-duty magnetic latches to hold the doors closed - and if I need to, I can tie the handles together or run a barrel bolt across both doors.

While I was fussing around in there, I vacuumed the carpet. I think the whole thing looks very nice. Things I rarely use are easy enough to get to, but out of the way. There's a ton of room inside now - that's good, because I use the (not as hot) trailer to store the ice chest.

I'm quite happy.

Edited to add: Here's the horrible "before" picture.


  1. Nice job! And you were worried that your tack room looked disorganized. (I may steal the bungee cord idea.)

  2. EvenSong, I edited the post to show the "before" picture. I wasn't worried that my tack room was disorganized, I knew it was an utter wreck!!

  3. Love, love, love how you made the cardboard jig for the top of your cabinet!

  4. Very impressive fit on the cabinet top. "After" is a big improvement!

  5. I'm in awe over your carpentry skills. This seriously is freaking awesome! Though if your anything like me you might end up water treating them for all the times you'll spaz and spill stuff.

    I know what you mean about the tack room mess though. As I'm reaching the stage where I'm acquired the stuff I feel I need for continuing to do distance I'm finding that the space in my tack room is shrinking. I keep eying this one open/curved section to the right of the door and wondering how to rig some racks/blanket bars. I fail at understanding metal and trailer mechanics. I could do it if it was in wood and plaster... *sighs... continues to drool over your cabinets*

  6. That looks fabulous. Great ideas for organization.

    I bet you could get a little bit of side business by offering that service to others, if you were interested. I know if I had a trailer and truck (sigh) I would love something like that but wouldn't ever get around to making it myself.

  7. That turned out fabulously! I still think you should do a purple stencil of a TWH on the cabinet doors... ;)

  8. I'm jealous - your trailer has a tack space... mine, sadly, does not.

    Very nice carpentry skillz!

  9. Wow, I was so impressed I had to share that post with my husband (he does all our carpentry projects), looks great!

  10. "So I made one."

    Girl...You are too awesome!!

  11. Now that is one good job! Well done.

  12. She could get a little "side business" by driving my way and doing a TRAILER INTERVENTION. I keep trying...but end up with a conglomoration of STUFF (kind of like my house)****sigh****

    It looks great, you never cease to amaze me with your inventive-do-it-yourself-ism. And hey! No duct tape!!


  13. Okay. I'll agree that it *was* a mess "before" (I remember that photo). One thing about those swing-out saddle racks is that, if one wants to utilize them properly, one must leave the floor beneath them *sorta* unoccupied. ;-)

  14. I see Renegade boots in there! LOL Girl, you are so handy! Those angles would have caused me to give up before the project even got started... it looks really nice! :)

  15. I want you to come and build cabinets for my tack room....

  16. Very resourceful! And great use of space! Good job!

  17. well, now, aren't YOU Little Miss Carpenter! (I'm jealous and very impressed.)
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  18. i'm jealous and impressed too!

    i remember when you didn't have a trailer. now you're kicking butt remodeling.

  19. That's a nice piece of work. Well done!

  20. I hope you know that you always make me feel completely incompetent. lol! So I decided to start making a goat pen today with cattle panels.

    It will probably be the most ghetto thing you've ever seen, but it's a start. Maybe if you keep inspiring me to build things I will finally be competent enough to fix a fence or build something (ANY thing)! :)

  21. Very nice! Want to come organize my tack area? It's not even in a trailer, but a small corner of the garage the LL's business uses.

  22. Incredibly nice project! Do you hire out? :-)


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