Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trailer cabinets finished & etc.

Well, probably. I reserve the right to stencil purple flames on there or something. But it's painted and has Real Art hung on it.

The horse silhouette was made by a cool metalworker friend of mine who lives in Jackson, MS. If you live in the South, you should try to check out her work - she does a lot of craft festivals.

In other news, I am vaguely toying with the idea of buying hosting and moving my blog. I was cool with having all my eggs in Google's basket til they started locking people out of Google services for obscure violations of the Google Plus TOS. I like to think that I am a zen minimalist who could live without whatever possessions I have, but it would be a major blow to get locked out of my gmail account and my blog. Does anyone have experience moving 600+ posts with approximately a gazillion pictures to Wordpress on private hosting? This might be such a nightmare that it never even happens.

I've half-written a little essay about why I love endurance. EG thinks I should send it to Endurance News, but I almost feel like it'd be preaching to the choir. (Also I feel like I have nothing of interest to say to Real Endurance Riders.) Aren't all the subscribers of EN at least seriously contemplating endurance already? Right now it's kind of written for the non endurance horse person who can't figure out why anybody would ride 50 or more miles through rain and sleet and gloom of night. Anyway, I might just throw it up here, but if anyone has an idea for alternative publication, let me know.

I've got an LD coming up soonest! Gonna get out and ride tomorrow and make sure the new pad doesn't cause major immediate problems, then we'll see how we do. Fingers crossed to avert tendons hurting / crashing / backsoreness!


  1. I can SOOO see the purple flames! Again - I'm jealous -- no tack room in my trailer.

    Good luck on the ride =)

  2. "locking people out of Google services"

    No. I'm not listening to you. It would be too awful.

    Lalalalalala -('')- (fingers in ears)


  3. The tack room looks really nice.
    If you move, make sure we can follow you.

  4. Love the artwork, and that cabinet is just da bomb!

  5. I've also been toying with the idea of moving my blog to wordpress, due to the constant problems with blogger. But I'm too chicken and have very few computer skills.
    So I think I'll wait to see what happens if you move yours over!

  6. I've toyed with the idea of moving to WP as well, and when the KVTR club asked me to be the "web-masher" for the club, I started their blog over at WP to try it out. Pluses and minuses for both, not the least of which is just adapting my approach (sort of like switching from a PC to a Mac). WP doesn't always seem to be WYSIWYG, so it's sometimes hard to get the configuration you want. But I like the slide show feature (though one can't put individual photos in a post with a separate slide show, without the ind. ones also being in the slide show).

    Tack room looks great!

  7. I keep a backup of my blog, in case (or when?) Blogger goes down. Right in Blogger under Settings you can export the xml. You could do a test run into a wordpress account. (I am probably now jinxing myself, and the Google gods will sacrifice me now.)

    Love the trailer! The art piece is very nice. Mine is plain white boring, though I did just paint my rusty hubcaps a nice bright orange. Why be boring! Now I really want an orange decal of some sort...


    (the kids gave me purple flame decals for my trailer exterior years ago, and I *LOVE* them).

    Article: I'd have to see it to be sure (hint, hint) but if you want to preach to somebody outside the choir, check out the mags sold at your local feed store and local tack store. Also, ask your friends who are "just trail riders" what they read.

    And...maybe a gaited or breed publication, even one that focusses on show horses? I got all kinds of hurrahs for my endurance article in a harness racing magazine!

  9. During the height of all that Blogger trouble I looked into switching over to WP myself. After doing some research I decided to stay with Blogger. I hadn't thought about private hosting, though...

    The trailer looks great and good luck on your LD! :)

  10. Yeah, you are probably right on the preaching to the choir message, but what a nice piece that would be for:

    Your blog.

    My blog (wicked grin).

    Trail riding magazines.

    Young riders magazines with full color photo of you and the long maned wonder!

    I'm all for inspiring new people to the sport. ~ E.G.

  11. P.S. You have me scared...what can I do "wrong" to get my blog blasted by Google?


  12. If you learn how to move to wordpress with private hosting please, please tutor me on how you accomplished this!!


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