Saturday, February 18, 2012


I managed to chill out and do nothing until after noon, but then I got antsy and put up a little trim. This side of the doorway was never trimmed out. Why yes, yes it did bug me, every single day.


If you're wondering, the blue bits of tape are numbered, so I can match the old quarter round up to the correct walls without thinking too hard about it.

I'm not 100% sure what to do here.

It's a finished sheetrock doorway. Maybe I should've hacksaw'd out the sheetrock corner pieces and run the flooring under the sheetrock? Well, I didn't, so now I need to trim over it. The threshold is just thin metal so no big deal there. I guess I'll lay some quarter round in there and see how it looks, and if I don't like it I'll try baseboard and just ease the angle where it meets the other side of the doorway.

This is what I'm really puzzling over. Any advice would be appreciated!

You can see from the old glue that there used to be that crappy vinyl cove molding up against the cabinets. Before we bought the house, they'd ripped that down (but didn't sand off all the glue, just painted over it) and put quarter round down against the carpet. I think I'd like baseboard on the end of both cabinets - but I really don't want to run baseboard under the toe kicks of ALL the cabinets. Is it going to look funny if I cut the baseboard flush with the toe kick? Or maybe cut it back at a 45?

There's one spot, under the oven, where the toe kick is like 1" off the floor with some ragged shims sticking out, and I am planning on putting a 1x4 under there with the quarter round tacked to the bottom of it. Hopefully unless you lay down and really stare at it, you'll never know it's not the bottom of the cabinet.


  1. With absolutely NO experience to draw from, I think baseboard for the door way; but sand the cabinet end smooth, repaint and just use quarter round there.

    LOVE the tiger striping in some of that flooring!

  2. I just want the Funder Fairy to show up at my house with a full truckload of building materials and tools, and completely fix it. While I'm at work.

    I can't pay much: a dragonride and some rum?

  3. I showed the question to Todd and his friend Dan. They think:

    either run a whole baseboard (the best option)

    run the baseboard flush and router the end of it (like a bullnose end)


    just cut the end at a 45, but they both think this will look "funny".

    Yikes, now they are getting quite animated!

    Todd suggests trying it out on a small scrap piece first to see if it bugs you to look at.

    Good luck, personally I'd do whatever is easier :)

  4. ES - thanks, I love the color too!

    Aarene - no way dude, you need to add in some Jim-cooking or it's no dice.

    CG - I think you (well, Todd & Dan) win. Bullnosing it will look way better than just cutting it at an angle. I don't have a router, but it's that primed MDF so I should be able to make it work with a coping saw and some sandpaper - prime and paint the end and it'll pass!

  5. It just seems like a waste to run all that extra base. It's a BITCH to nail under there, I don't have an air nailer, and you can't see anything but the corner + a couple inches anyway, you know?

  6. If I could "like" a comment in blogger I'd be "liking" AareneX's!

    My little house needs Funder help!

  7. Definitely NOT cut at an angle - I had this done on a section of my bathroom where there was a similar scenario, and it looks funny. You could do something called a "return" - here's a good link showing how to do it, though I think they cut their finished example a bit short as part of the wall shows!:

    Here's a video showing a better job of a return:

    Practice on your house, then come install the baseboards at mine - three rooms that didn't get done when new flooring was laid, and I still haven't done them nearly three years later.

  8. I go with CG's Todd only because I have no answer for you and that sounds like the smart one! :P My only comment is if you are fixing it up to sell it, I wouldn't put a whole lot of thought into it. Its thinks like that the prospective buyer may not notice until they move in and then it wills start bugging them! :)

  9. Oooh, Jean, yes!

    I've seen that done on crown molding - I was thinking about putting crown in the front room but there's an outside corner I'd have to finish off like that - but that was months ago and I'd utterly forgotten!

    I'm off to the reining clinic today - maybe I won't be too tired and I'll pop up those last few pieces this afternoon, but no promises there.

  10. this post reminded me of how much i miss watching buffy the vampire slayer because you used the word threshold and my man asked me yesterday, "what is that thing in the doorway that you must cross over, and the vampires are not allowed to unless invited in?"

    i couldn't remember the word.

    but we were at the hardware store yesterday to buy one and i can tell you the german word "tuerschwelle".

    sadly the one we got is not wide enough to hide the cut-out linoleum that shows due to the new, wider door frame. ugh. tacky.

    funder fairy welcome here!

  11. Jim will be roasting a chicken tonight, Funder, probably with his famous wine-and-garlic. Oooh, and a few roasted sweet potatoes, and some of the green beans he canned from the garden last summer.

    Just sayin'. You know where we hide the key...and if you don't, ask any of the neighbors. It's not a secret hiding place.


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