Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Two more rides, plus jogging!

On Saturday I did a long ride. 16 miles, flatter than I thought.

And then yesterday I got out again and did almost 8 miles, as hilly as I can do.

I've started running the steep downhills on foot. I can jog down the steep bits at 4.5-5 mph, which is an easy running walk for Dixie. I'm off her back, so she's much more stable and balanced. It feels nice to get off and move, and most importantly, there are well placed stumps and rocks where I'd like to get back on.

I need shoes though. My usual riding shoes are trail runners, but they're a half size too big - they were on clearance for $20, and perfectly fitting shoes aren't necessary when you're riding. But for running downhill, they suuuck. Yesterday I ran in my cute zip up fuzzy winter boots, which were awesome until they rubbed a hole in my Achilles tendon, at which point they started to suuuuuuck even harder than the other shoes.

I am surprisingly un-sore (aside from my heel).

I got some hoof pics immediately after yesterday's ride:
Left front
Right front
Left rear
Right rear

I trimmed the rear bars about a week ago and the front bars just a few days ago. The walls all need rolling and the rear bars, especially, need trimming. I'm real happy with those front frogs though! Just Pete's goo every 2-3 days so far.

We got an unexpected inch of snow last night. At least it'll make her feet easier to trim this afternoon. :)


  1. Those are some beautiful feet. Say, maybe YOU should try going barefoot!


  2. Good looking feet for sure.

    What Bill said. ;)

  3. When I did a lot of riding in the mountains, I got in the habit of walking the long, steep downhills on foot. (Notice I said walk, not run.) It seemed to help both me and the horse--I was sure less sore at the end of a long day. Not to mention I don't enjoy riding down long, steep hills, anyway. Uphill is another story (!)

  4. Sweet, you got some good miles in. I like to run the downhills too, though it was *essential* on Blaze, Desire does a really nice little jog down the hills or a doable downhill walk, I'll still probably run down some but not as many. And yes, shoes are key! I just bought another pair of Asics, they are the best sneaker for the value that I've found and at least around here Big 5 Sporting Goods has ridiculous sales on shoes all the time, I get $100+ Asics for $40-$60. Maybe somewhere around there has some sneaker deals.

    Her hooves look great! I still think you're a gangster for doing your own trimming.

  5. Thems are some really pretty feet!

    For some reason when you said you were running in shoes too big for your feet I imagined you tripping, falling, rolling... sorry but I know I would be!

  6. I get off and run with Asia whenever I can and I've been pleasantly surprised how well my Ariat paddock boots work for that, but when I run without a horse, I love my Brooks and my Asics. You can get a really good deal on them both at www.sierratradingpost.com and the Brooks Cascadias are a good deal and an excellent trail shoe.
    (My apologies if this shows up twice; Blogger is being picky.)

  7. Yay for you!!

    I used to walk/jog the downhills with Toad; with Fee, I only hop down when I *know* there will be a stump or rock or something to help me hop back up! Fortunately, she's a much stronger downhill horse than Toad ever was (thank you, dressage lessons)!

  8. You two are going to be wicked fit this year!

  9. Those feet look like concrete!!


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