Saturday, March 15, 2008

And a post about me!

Most of my stuff is in a storage unit in southeast Memphis. I'm perfectly happy for it to stay there, because I'm only going to be in this apt for two more months, then I'm off to Oxford for another two months to study for the bar, then who knows where I'll be! Anyway, I hate carrying boxes of stuff around, so I'm living with as little as possible.

But I'm cooking all of a sudden. I'm incredibly broke (I spend more per day to feed the dog and cats than I do to feed me) and trying to eat healthy, which means I have to cook. I'm actually a good cook, but I'm used to having a kitchen crammed full of gadgets and pots and pans and bowls. I'm having a surprisingly good time "making do" without all that stuff. Yesterday I started a no-knead bread recipe, and it's baking right now. I made my mom a pound cake for her birthday, too - nothing says love like making a scratch cake without a mixer. It's a lot of fun to look at a recipe and think "ok how can I do that with the tools I have?"

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