Saturday, March 1, 2008


Cersei is way better today. She's acting like she feels about 97% well. I know dogs hide pain well, but I still think thats a good sign.

Went and hauled hay, then went to work for a couple hours, then I picked a horse and let him graze loose around the barn. I was going to let Champ out, but he refused to come out of evil horsey stubbornness. Poppy said he'd go with me. So Poppy got a halter on his head, then he got to eat grass for two hours while I sat near him with a lead rope. Champ hollered and stared EVIL DEATH RAYS at us. I laughed at him. It was 70 and sunny and lovely.

My wrist is 100% in the brace but still wants to hurt when I take it off, so I'm leaving it on like I'm supposed to.

I hate typing like kd lang so I'm going back to capitalize all the proper words.

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