Friday, February 29, 2008

Cersei is spayed

She had her big operation today. Hopefully her only surgery. Poor girl feels like shit, I'm sure. She's so sore! And still doped up - I gave her a 1/4 c of some dry food while I fed the horses, and after we got home she puked.

$266. Ouch. But she got valium beforehand, ketamine for the surgery, a big shot of morphine and some metacam for today, and a bottle of metacam for this week. Also a rabies tag, giardia booster, and I paid for the preop bloodwork.

She's sleeping on the bed right now. Maybe I can convince her to eat a bite later on. Hopefully once the drugs wear off shell bounce right back!

Also my wrist feels a lot better in the brace today. Sore when I take it off to wash hands but fine while its braced. Yay.

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