Thursday, February 28, 2008

C is still recovering.

He doesnt yowl anymore when I scruff him for his antibiotics. He has learned that if he opens his mouth he gets nasty water squirted in there. I have to pry his teeth open with the syringe tip now. Clever boy.

I finally went to the dr for my aching wrist. I inflamed a tendon in my thumb about three months ago and Ive been hoping it would heal on its own but it didnt. Almost thru w oral prednisone, and i got a shot of cortisone in the problem tendon and a wrist brace. It is v. hard to type in the brace so this post probably "sounds" different. Anyway i have to wear brace til I see dr again on the 10th. Surely I will have relearned how to type by then cause I'm at about 25 wpm right now. :(

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