Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Curtis :)

He had kitty food poisoning - probably from munching on a bone that Cersei was working on. The vet gave me 5 days of Panacur (in case it's a parasite) and a whole bunch of antibiotics. He was a little dehydrated, so they were going to give him some sub-q fluids - but he sank all his claws to the hilt into the vet tech, so they decided he wasn't *that* dehydrated and let him go :)

Of course the antibiotics are pills. Fortunately, they're small so I'm just mixing them with water and syringing them into him. I scruff him, wait for him to open his mouth to yowl, and put a half cc of the worst-tasting water in the world down his throat.

He feels a lot better, but he's not well yet. He perked up a lot Monday evening, so I was tempted to not give him antibiotics at all. But he's still licking his butt a lot so I'm going to do the whole round.

Yesterday it got COLD again (from 45 down to 35 during the day) so I didn't ride. Actually, it was so cold that I stayed at work til 8, then went by and fed as fast as I could. The horses always think they're starving, and I needed the hours. It's warming back up today - back in the 40s. I'm not sure what we're doing at work today, but I'll probably work late again. Maybe I'll ride Quinn tomorrow.

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