Monday, February 11, 2008

Definitely Jerome

I kept trying out Jamal, and other J-type names, and other names in general, but he's a Jerome. That's his name.

Also I appear to have completely broken my addiction to the thermostat. Living in that unheated house for two months, plus the fact that Cersei pants if it's above 71 in the apartment, means that I have the thermostat set on 65 and I'm happy. Honestly, it hardly ever kicks on - my neighbors keep their places so warm that my place stays at 69 or 70 all on its own.

Cersei has been teething this week. Friday (2-8) she started losing her incisors, and I think today she's got all new ones. They're very pretty, but I think everything about her is pretty. I've been taking her everywhere I possibly can - to my parents', to Stephen's place, to work today. She's in the truck asleep while I'm in class right now. (It's still cool enough that I'm not worried about her overheating, and I'm only in class for an hour at a time today.)

She's juuuuust starting to test me. She won't always come when I call anymore. She was chewing on a carpet strip:

and of course I freaked out and told her "no ma'am" and took it away. She kept going and finding different pieces of carpet strip to chew on and giving me the most wicked little looks about them. So uppity!

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