Thursday, February 7, 2008

Woops, it's been a while

Got some catching up to do here.

2-1 Jaime had to go. I'm not saying this lightly - the dog was making my life completely miserable and I'm sure he wasn't too happy either. He's just too hound-doggy or too retarded or something to ever be happy in an apartment, and we were driving each other nuts. He made me cry out of sheer frustration three times that week. He never listened to me, he never learned a word of English (I don't think he even knew his name?) and he barked and clawed things constantly. Keeping him wasn't fair to either of us, and it was never going to get any better.

Cersei didn't miss him one bit, either.

2-6 I dewormed everybody except Silky with ivermectin. I plan to deworm her this weekend.

2-4 I de-fleaed the cat and dog with that liquid you put between the shoulder blades. Should be good for a month; the pup is always picking up fleas from the barn.

2-6 I checked everybody's feet. Poppy needs his backs trimmed, badly. Took a bit off of Quinn's front toes again - maybe they're decontracting some. I so wish I'd taken good pics of them when I first got her! Must stay on top of handling her feet and make some progress with her. She's quite sweet and is warming up to me really well, though.

2-2 YAY I RODE YAY! Took Champ on a short but very fun ride. He's such an awesome horse. Lots of leg cues. Some gaiting, some trotting, some mad galloping and some quite nice cantering in circles. We jumped some ditches too!

Cersei is such a good puppy. She's really calm for her age, and she really listens quite well. We're working on a few things - she has to wait calmly for me to tell her to jump out of the truck, and she has to eat in her crate. And dammit, Cersei, STOP SQUEAKING THE DAMN CAT! Of course, the damn cat instigates the fights and has a great time, but she shouldn't be biting him hard enough to make him squeak. Period.

Tomorrow I'm getting the damn cat a damn buddy. Curtis has hit the full-fledged bored asshole kitten stage. Cersei and I aren't home enough to give him the attention and playtime he really needs, which means that he rampages around the house like an evil maniac for hours after we get home tired. Anyway, Jen has a kitten the same age as Curtis that she bottle-fed from a 2 day old. Her husband wants the kitten gone and I think Curtis needs a buddy. She's dropping him off at the vet for his neutering and I'm picking him up. Pictures tomorrow!

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