Friday, February 8, 2008

Jerome? Jamal?

Looks siamese
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I like Jerome, and Graham likes Jamal. I suspect I shall win because I am the one who actually lives with the cat, but I'm giving Jamal a test run.

Here's his story:
Remember the rednecks I got Cersei from? Yeah, back in October they brought home a pregnant kitten from the barn. Like a typical teenage momma cat, she didn't have a clue what to do with the two babies, and they were about to die at two days old when my friend Jen took them.

Jen bottlefed both babies and kept them alive and thriving and happy. Her husband was all "NO MORE CATS" so I said if she really couldn't find a home for one or both, I'd take them. She found one a home and I relented and took this guy today.

Actually, I begged her to give me the little dude. I've started taking Cersei most everywhere I go, so Curtis has been spending a lot of time alone. Way more time alone than a healthy young cat should spend. Every night when Cersei and I get home tired, Curtis is just delighted to see us. He's always got a massive case of the zoomies. He pogos around the apartment. He comes purring up to me and then attacks my hand. If I get up to get some water or something, he latches on to my foot/leg and I have to drag him around like a furry toothy ball-&-chain. The night he tried to climb the walls, I called Jen.

Now, I don't mind the zoomies. Kittens are assholes and he's just full of energy. But I think both kitties will be happier together.

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