Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I can type again!

The stupid stupid brace is finally off and I can type! Ok, it wasn't a stupid brace and it helped the cortisone shot to work like it should, and I'm SO glad I went to the Dr and got the whole thing taken care of - but I'm glad the stupid brace is off.

Last week was spring break. I was going to work, but then I realized I really need to apply for the bar, so last Sunday I decided I'd go look it up and see what I needed to do. I've decided to go for the Mississippi bar, so I found a site that had all the necessary forms and got to looking. Wow. It was really hard. Took me three full days, and that was fast. List every place you've ever lived (for more than 30 days) since you were 18. List every job you've ever had since you were 18 - and send each of your former employers a form to return to the MBBA. Three personal references who will mail in a letter talking about your good character. Get a statement of driving record from every state you've ever had a license in. Any criminal charges? Any civil actions? If so, then go get a copy of the suit and mail it in too. Get 3 current 2"x2" pictures, write your full name on the back of each, stick them in an envelope, and staple the envelope to one page of one of the forms. Got all that? Ok, now go through the same questions for a different character background check performed by a different company. Now pile up your 50+ pages of documents, get 3 separate cashier's checks (totalled almost $1100), and mail it all off to the MBBA.

Oddly, the hardest part was getting a copy of my divorce. Well, not the getting, but the divorce papers themselves. I knew which courthouse to go to, and it was only $1.50 for the certified copy - but I couldn't read it. I just couldn't. It's been seven years and I'm friends with my ex, but every time I started to read over it I almost cried. That was a tough time in my life.

Anyway, I got all that done and then realized that my MPRE (ethics exam) was Saturday. I studied frantically, took some practice tests, and had a meltdown when I realized it was going to be tough to pass it. Amazingly, it was postponed! Friday we got a big huge enormous snowstorm that dumped five inches on us overnight. Saturday it got up to 40 so it all melted, but for some reason they cancelled the exam that day. I'm still waiting to hear when it's rescheduled for.

Of course, the email notifying me that the test was cancelled came in minutes after I'd left for the test, so I got to drive around slushy empty Memphis. I took a bunch of pictures so my loyal reader(s) can see our White Death 2008. Memphis looks like a post-apocalyptic city after it snows :)

No, we didn't salt or plow. We don't have things like mass quantities of salt or snow plows. We don't need them - everybody stays home til it melts.

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