Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spring is officially here!

The horses are shedding. The time has changed. That means I now get to spend at least 30 minutes a day in the long dusky sunset creating huge clouds of horsehair. Champ is the worst, because of course he does everything first. Silky's pretty hairy too. Poppy is just starting to shed, and he'll keep some winter fur later than everybody else. Poor guy gets miserable quick. Quinn is shedding at least a little, but she's still not sure about me. She was really intrigued by all the brushing, so she bashfully sidled up and let me get a big currycomb full of white hair off her butt. But then she had to run away from Poppy, and she didn't want to come back. I think she'll be waiting in line for her turn to get brushed pretty soon. They sure love getting their winter fur brushed off - it must be itchy.

Went to the feed store today and remembered a new salt block, but I forgot to get one of those shedding stones. Hmph. Maybe next week, or maybe I'll go with a friend this weekend.

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