Monday, March 3, 2008

winter is back :(

The lovely weather is gone again. It's cold and very rainy. The horses were very glad to come in out of the rain for the night. I won't put them back out til the precip stops - we might get SNOW mixed with our rain tomorrow. Egads! High of 41, so it can't be too bad. Unless they're wrong and we get an ice storm.

Cersei does not approve of the rain. Having a puppy is so much fun. So much stuff is totally new to her. Of course she's been rained on before, but yesterday and Saturday she was deeply offended by how hot it was. Poor thing has no idea about summer yet.

Trying to get my Mississippi bar application together. It's the hardest document I've ever had to fill out. List any moving violations in the last 10 years. Prove it if you don't have any. All residences since I was 18. All jobs since I was 18 - oh and send a form to all those jobs too, ok? Ugh.

Must wash the brace tomorrow. It smells terrible. I'm not good at handwashing stuff but I'll have to figure it out.

The antibiotics will never end, I fear. Curtis is a champ about taking them. Syringe is definitely the way to go.

Wonder when I dewormed the horses last. I think it was the middle of Jan so they're overdue. I could've sworn I wrote it down - maybe it's on the corkboard in my tack room. Hmm.

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