Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Home again!

Damn, my blog reader is full of stuff to catch up on! Yall have been busy.

First - I think I did ok on the bar. I know I got enough points to pass the essays; it all depends on how well I did on the multiple choice. And the multiple choice are ridiculously hard, even if you have all the law memorized. The questions almost always end up comparing two types of law, kind of an apples to oranges thing. We shall see in six weeks if I have to flee my loans and live in shame under an assumed name in Canada (or just retake the damn thing in February) or if I am admitted to the honorable practice of law in the great state of Mississippi!

I'll start posting stories about my trip tomorrow. I had an escapee horse to deal with on the way down, then I stayed in an apartment with a psycho kitty and the world's fattest cat, and of course I saw and met some wonderfully stereotypically Mississippians down in Jackson. I'm really glad to be home, and Cersei's really glad to be home, and I think even the cats missed me. :)


  1. I just happened on your blog- and see that you just took the bar. I took it in 1997 and never in my life have I ever felt so stupid as I did in the month following the actual exam.

    Are you in that stage yet where you do not know for sure the answer to anything like what day it is or your home phone number?

    Don't panic, that is normal!

    Good luck!

  2. Oh HEY, your profile looks like you're a horsey lawyer homesteader/hobby farmer! That's totally awesome, and that's my exact plan. I want land for the horses anyway, and I'm going to start out selling free range eggs/chickens, and lawyering will somehow pay the mortgage...


    After I finished day 3 (yes, MS has a three day bar), I tried to get to my truck. The exam was in a room on the second floor of the hotel. I wanted to take the elevator to the third floor of the parking garage. I pushed up, waited for an elevator, got confused, pushed down, waited til it opened and closed again, stopped and really THOUGHT ABOUT IT, then pushed up and got a different elevator and pushed three.

    Yep, pretty confused and stupid. I think it's Friday...

    Yes, I just typed that. Today is Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday. I am going to go read your blog and not think about anything.

  3. Yep, I do a little bit of everything---and today, it is too hot to do anything so I think I will scrap it all and get in the pool.

    We have about 45 horses, four great Danes and a pig named Bocephus. Having such a variety of demands in my life makes it easy to put up with all of it--when I get scik of manual labor, I can think at work. When I am sick of thinking, I can go home and shovel shit.

    The good news is that in about a month, the fog will lift and you will start to get yourself back together---the bad news is that you will always remember what an idiot you were for a while---but all other lawyers get it.

    I was very fortunate that after I took the bar, we went out and celebrated and I had a driver to take me home the next day--not only was I hungover, I was probably too stupid to pick the right interstate!


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