Friday, July 4, 2008


Heartworm pill (Iverhart) to Cersei, Catvantage to cats. I need more catvantage - the first thing I thought when I opened up the box was "why the hell did I buy six doses for two cats" and then I remembered that I'd bought like $150 or $200 worth of pet meds that day and I didn't want to spend that much more!

I know I could get my meds a bit cheaper online, but I just shop thru my vet usually. The actual savings for buying online for most preventatives isn't that great, and I like to support my wonderful vet. If it were something like Rimadyl, which actually is a lot cheaper online, I'd probably get it online.

Last night Jerome persisted in licking my barbri books. He likes to lick the edges. He likes it A LOT. He is a bizarre little beast. I put up with his weird ways because he is so amazingly sweet at bedtime. Bedtime is his favorite time - he comes dashing up as soon as I turn out the light. He just explodes with purring and trilling and begging for scritches, then settles down pretty quickly and curls up around my head. Then he goes to sleep. It's the very picture of contentment. :) You can lick my books, little buddy.

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