Friday, July 4, 2008

Weird Life

It's 10 pm on Independence Day. In honor of the holiday, I am drinking, but in honor of passing the bar, I am also writing out some notes.

The animals are all weirded out by the fireworks on the river. Curtis is wandering around being emo, and Jerome and Cersei are cuddled up by me on the bed. (I am trying the "play it cool but don't make a big deal about it" method of dealing with her fear.)

It's the first 4th in... seven years that I haven't gone to see the fireworks. Just one more thing that's happened in this awful year. This too shall pass.

ANYWAY, I was quite amused because I'm:
a) drinking
b) writing out notes for Chapter 11 (corporate) bankruptcy law
c) reading stories about Punk Rock Houses when my hand gets tired of writing.

The punk rock and corporate bankruptcy stuff clash so nicely.

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