Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Yeah, ANOTHER post

Cersei had a good time at the dog park today! She played with other dogs, like, half the time and only had to go be introspective in the water part of the time. Yay.

She met (for the first time, I believe) a female Doberman and it was instant love. They play-bowed at each other and went butt-tucking running in circles chasing each other crazy. Then the enormous pit bull showed up and - because it was Cersei's second time meeting the pit - they all three played!

A small white pit showed up and the chase game got a little crazy with a little growling, so all the dog owners called their dogs back and made them calm down. Then we let them go again. It's really nice to be surrounded by responsible pet owners.

Also I studied a lot more, so now I'm going to play Dwarf Fortress.

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