Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A tired puppy is a good puppy

I took Cersei to the park yesterday, but nobody was out there! We stayed for maybe 30 minutes while she happily swam around in the pond, but I got bored and we went home a little early. Well, it showed, because she was just rarin' to go again today. So off we went - a little early again, but she kept trying to play with the cats and making them yowl.

We did four laps of the little pond - I walked, slowly, and she swam in circles but vaguely followed the direction I was strolling. Then, bored, I took her back to the truck. She leapt in the truck and then her buddy Zu-Zu the pit bull drove up! (Ok, Zuzu's owner drove up, but same difference to a dog.) Back out of the truck and back over to the pond. She and Zu-zu played chase for a while, and swam for a while, and then the rest of the regular crew showed up. The German pointer, the wolf-dog, some random Labs. I let her play til she was really noticeably lagging, then we headed home.

She managed to eat dinner before she curled up on the bed, and she's been completely asleep since then. Tired puppies are the best!

Also, I got my admissions letter from the bar people today. I am officially allowed to take the bar! July 28, 29, and 30 in Jackson, MS. I am both more terrified and vastly relieved - there was no real reason for them to turn down my bar app, but I was halfway convinced they would. "Oh, a third party neglected to fill in the paperwork so you can't take the July bar." Or, "oh, you seem devious and nefarious, sorry." But they didn't! I'm of as good a moral character as any other Mississippi applicant! And my employers/friends/schools all filled out the right paperwork! WOOT!


  1. You are funny... I laughed through all of your posts, catching up. I never knew horses hooves could be so interesting.

    Congratulations on getting to take the bar! You do seem a bit devious and nefarious, though. :)

    What sort of job are you hoping for? I'm curious, and I don't know much of anything about law (well, except for what happens when you break it). :)


  2. Whoever will hire me! Really, it seems like most new lawyers go through a couple of sub-fields before they find one they really enjoy. And I can kinda see the pros and cons of most types of job.

    I think the fact that I enjoy talking to people (even though I'm an introvert who NEEDS my alone time at the end of the day) will make any kind of job fairly interesting.

    I don't think I want to do personal injury / products liability / med mal. You often really are helping people who really have no other recourse... but not always. And contingency fees are not a very steady source of income.

  3. We are constantly telling border collie adopters that "a tired border collie is a good border collie" and it's true. I used to have to take Willow to the park for an hour each morning and each evening, but she was never destructive in the house.

    Congratulations on taking your exams and good luck (if they're not over yet). Every time I mention that I might want to go on to a law degree my fella just rolls his eyes.


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